Should I stop Pumping?

It's been almost two weeks since Tufeil has drunk any Expressed Breastmilk (hereafter known as EBM). But he still nurses the moment i step into the house and throughout the night.

I kept pumping 70ml x 2 per day. During Ramadhan, I even started to pump TWICE (at 12nn and 5pm) because I was afraid the supply might dip. But my frozen stock continues to grow and grow as Tufeil simply refuses to drink any.

It's a bit worrying because he isn't given any other source of liquid calcium. Part of the problem is he likes to spit out when he's drinking and if its VitaSoy or worse Fresh Milk, it would get sticky and Mum is very averse to the latter.

Most working nursing mothers have problem with their supplies. Me, I have problem with my baby drinking it! Ish Tufeil! There's only one other friend who experiences the same and told me that she stopped pumping at 18months and gave her baby alternatives like Dates juice, apple juice and fresh milk.

Tufeil is 17 months now. Should I stop pumping? I feel sad if I do cause i enjoy pumping. It's like having a cigarette break. LOL.

Another question still: What do I do with the almost 15pkts of frozen milk supply? Sure I can use some to cook... The rest of my family member puked at the tot of eating it tho *looks pointedly at Ash* But its A LOT of milk!

I've been thinking of giving some to other babies. But the concern is, then my son and that baby could become siblings. If that baby's a boy and one day I have a baby girl, there might be a problem if they happen to like each other, ya know.

So what do i do??

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