OK i'm about to die swimming in debt. I've been shopping like nobody's business. I made 3 purchases in the last month or 2 alone!

1. Rainbow (click link for the post i wrote abt it) SGD 3,200. A POSB Loan @ $140/mth x 3 - $1,000 (?) cashback. Well, when i bought this, i was expecting to pay only a year later, which i hoped by then my study loan would have finished. and Besides this is for the WHOLE family's health well-being. So it is a good investment. Isn't it?

2. Some EYE care package at Civic Centre for SGD 2407.50 for 30 sessions to reduce the dark rings around my eyes that i've had since like... FOREVER! ok maybe not forever.. but maybe when i was just... 14? Ok maybe some of you want to punch or slap me in the face. But the damage is done lor. I just hope i get the results timely.

I paid by Standchart Credit Card and successfully got a 0% installment free thru their EasiPay system. So i'm paying 200/month but total amount is, of course, blocked.

3. Disney's Reading System

In the box are 26 DVDs and 26 activity books that encompass the daily phrases like Greetings, Playing or something. While the books look a bit too high a level for Tufeil's ability at the mo, i think the DVDs perfect.

This also comes with 6 PHONICs system that consist of 12 books and a DVD each.

DAMAGE: $ 1102. But after some discount of $56 and a deposit of $138, I will be paying just $76 x 12 months. They will charge my credit card every month WITHOUT blocking my limit. But I hear somebody wants to contribute to the investment of this educational tool for his son. So that's a relief IF it's true.

4. I just spent about $150 at John Little Causeway Point 80% sale yesterday.

But this is not bad at all considering I got PLENTY of stuffs:

  • 2 pillows @ $12 each
  • 2 velvet half-curtains @ $12 each
  • 3 home t-shirts @ $6 each
  • 1 3Q pants @ $10
  • 2 work shirts @ $25 for 2.
  • Maybelline Mascara $15
  • Some Pimple gel
  • Simple Facial Wet Tissue to remove make up
  • A hari-raya gaudy shoe for $13

Oopss now u know what a cheapskate I am. Can somebody be a cheapskate but a spendthrift at the same time? LOL

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