End of The World

Last Friday, I entered a talent competition in the company organised by... myself. Actually the recreation club but spearheaded by me.

The game plan is something like America's Got Talent. ie ANY talent you have then 50% judges scores and 50% by colleagues' votes. We have 5 entrants:

  1. 3 French guys singing YMCA - They were out of beat but very hilarious. Scores to engage the audience and make pple laugh!
  2. 2 Chinese China ladies acted a (human) puppet show. Unfortunately, they spoke in Mandarin and their points were halved as rules specifically said English / Singlish.
  3. A guy performed Magic Show. Unfortunately, out of 3 tricks, only 1 came out right. He was sooooo nervous the hands and face were all shaking. The poor dear.
  4. A girl singing Colours of the Wind. - We were supposed to be performing together. At the last minute, I decided that we couldn't agree to a consensus as to which song we are comfortable in and performed separately.

So this is my performance. Singing my rendition of "End of the world"

Ok I didnt realise i am THIS CHUBBY!!! I really had to cover my eyes the first time i watched it. Yikes *puke puke*

I was also shaking as hell. I think my mouth contorted a bit when I was singing. Not to mention my mouth / throat was sooo dry - i was fasting.

In the end, I got second place. I lost to my supposed partner. This is her video.

It's not that I'm a sore loser, but I'm curious am I not as good as her? Or is it just that she had more supporters?

PLUS, if Talent No 2 did not get their points halved, I would have been in 3rd place!

So I'm calling my readers to vote now based solely on talent ok. Not bcos u know me and want to support me or anything.

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5 glasses of Juice:

Ashley said...

Errrkkk winner is crap lor!

She's singing more like me reading the tune. lol. It takes one crap singer to identify the other you know! hahahaha.

Her dictation and pronounciation = crap.

Thought you had a better performance. Honest opinion!

norza said...

lol! Ashley took the words out of my this case, fingers. :p

Jussaemon said...

Ash lol @ one crap singer to identify the other!

Thanks kak nor.

I had another person's comment in msn saying that it's a CLOSE one. and indeed that my voice was shaky however still the stronger of the two.

Sandra said...

You have a wonderful voice, better than the other woman. I could not tell you were nervous at all and you held all the right notes in the right places. Visually, she was wearing way less clothing... would that have skewed the votes? ;-)

Jussaemon said...

Hi sandra! Thanks for still reading!

Thanks for the vote too. Well prolly not as much cos of clothing as popularity and/or dept support. She's from the biggest dept