Beef Stew

O oh! Tufeil's food's finished! Frantically searched the net for easy recipes and went to Cold Storage on the way home from work. Fortunately, Tufeil had a late afternoon nap yesterday so I let him play with his Atok while I cooked this

"Easy Beef Stew"

This is the original recipe i picked from

1.5 lbs cubed very lean beef
2 tbsp Flour
3 Carrots
2 stalks celery
2 Potatoes
Salt to taste
1 Onioin

Brown beef in 2 tbs oil. Add some paprika for colour. Add 2 tbs flour for thickening. Dice potatoes, slice carrots, celery and onion. Cover with water (about 2.5 cups) and bring to boil. Add beef and cook until tender. Salt to taste.

Gosh! 1 lbs or 500gm of Fresh Australian Stew beef cut costs $11 @ Cold Storage.

Measured 250gm
Decided 500gm is too much for Tufeil and risky for a first timer. So i halved it and cut anyhow! hah I had to divide the qty in recipe into 3.

I didn't buy celery, replaced with mushroom. I took about 15min to cut everything in the above picture. My can opener is blunt or rusty or something it was a pan to release them mushrooms.

I took paprika to mean the Chilli Ground that we have in the fridge...
It was alright I guessed and the meat is cooked ok, except for some of the bigger cuts. In the end, I decided its not fit for Tufeil because the meat is too big, troublesome for the server to cut them up. But mum said she'll try to give some.
So tonight, I hope to try Meatloaf. Sounds easy. Let's see how it comes out to!

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