So i took half day leave yesterday afternoon to watch INCEPTION starring Leonardo Dicaprio. I don't think he's good looking - anymore - Ash. If anything, That Gordon-Levitt is more charming in a selenger way. OMG i'm sooo superficial.

INCEPTION movie poster

It's a good movie. One that makes you think and makes your 2.5hr fly without feeling like ur bums are asleep!

I understand the concept of a Dream within a Dream, how they wake up, the concept of time... but there are some technical aspects that I'm not clear of. SPOILERS NOW!

  1. I thought Dreams are based by the imagination of the Dreamer, why do they need architect? I guess to station their sedatives and bombs in each level?
  2. If several of them are going under together, how do they determine whose dream they are entering?
  3. How would the girl's totem - a King Chess Piece - work to know she's in reality?
  4. If the wife killed herself in a dream and that's why she's in limbo permanently, where's the body? Or was that real life? I'm confused
  5. What's with all the COMBINATIONs???? Why does Fischer junior need that combination? To open the safe yes, but why so troublesome to extract the numbers?
  6. I didnt hear properly but what did Fischer Senior said Not disappointed in him but disappointed in... what? Is that Junior's projection or the architect's work?


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