Towards a Better Sleep.

I had noticed before that Tufeil was beginning to wake less in the night but I had never checked my watch (it's semi-dark in my room). And then suddenly, his routine was thrown off course when he started to take late afternoon naps between 4 - 5 for 30min to 1hour.

Last night though, I resolved myself to check the clock. He went to bed at 9pm, woke up at 11pm and slept thru to 5am!!! Then I had to wake him at 7am to go out. Who knows maybe he could have slept a little longer?

So what did I do right, this time?

In the morning, he had his usual morning nap at around 10am for one hour. Then at 2.30pm he napped again for 2 hours!! on my mum's chest. Cheh. He had dinner of this instant baby porridge Indo brand at 6pm, he finished the whole packet. Then i brought him out to Causeway Point and had snacks (Fries and cinnamon melts *GRIN*) at 8pm, grocery shopped and straight away nursed him to sleep when we reached home at 9pm.

I think the key item is that vital afternoon nap. As long as he starts to sleep before 3pm, we are in the clear?

Let;s just see his progress today. I shall stay vigilant in keeping time. =)

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