Pacific Allied Cafe


Found a new Halal place to eat during lunch. It's just opened for about a month or two i was told. and they sell WESTERNNNNN!!!! And Thai cuisines. At canteen price.

The place is situated at URA Building itself facing Maxwell Food Centre.

Me, the menu and the Halal Logo

Ordering Counter

My Chicken Cutlet & Spaghetti $6
+ Ribena $1.20

The sauce is rather bland but maybe that's just me. Even with the Chicken, I was asked for Beef or Chicken bolognaise sauce. so of course i picked Beef. Best of both worlds... and some more i get to sample....

Ash's Fish & Chips $5.50
Coke Light $1.50

The spices in the fish batter was distinct. That's good.

Zihah's Thai Fish Rice $5 comes with soup

The fish are placed on top of thai sweet chili sauce giving it a nice twist to normal fish bites.

We were there at 12nn and the place was decently filled = not as noisy as say... Amoy St and you'll definitely get a table. While it's nothing like Secret Recipe or Eatz 19, it's definitely a place to go for cheap western food if you're craving for it. =)

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2 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

the food looks yummy jus! -khair

norza said...

looks good! dulu takde...isk..melepas lah.