Our National Day Long Weekend

Sat, 7th Aug 10.

I got the whole morning off when Tufeil went out with his dad. Phew! What a relief... Unfortunately tho I just cldn't fall back to sleep.. cos my tummy was hungry and i tot why shld i just get when i can fully utilise my time watching online tv while eating? One episod led to another and another... until the next thing I knew, Tufeil was home.

Thankfully he hasnt had his nap so we both went to sleep. We (or rather I) woke up hungry and ready to go out for lunch. At 4pm. haha

But before that we had to make a stop at a DIY shop to grab a few tins of paint. Our living room and my bedroom are getting a new colour after 10yrs of staring at the same wall. Tufeil had to be entertained by his Atok. And I kept feeling guilty about it - though unfounded. 1. Tufeil might be asking Where's mummy where's mummy (He did not) 2. Ayah must be tired (he felt happy to).

Late Lunch or Early Dinner?
A&A at Yishun. It used to be Bilal and I had liked it then... now no air-con except for the private function room. Aiyooo

First Shift: Atok

Tufeil & his Koala Bag


2nd Shift: Nenek.

See him sitting on the table in the background being entertained by Nenek w "Pok Amai2" song

I had the 3rd shift and my duty was also to feed him and he had a few mouthfuls of Kway Teow Goreng Mama. it was quite hot even tho we asked for a mild one. His Indian Rojak FAIL. Not only was the sauce/gravy sweet and lacking peanuts... the Paru (beef Lung), Sotong not getah (squid) all were undercooked. Yikes. I'm not sure how Ayah's Mee Kuah was but he sure didnt finish it.

Afterwards, we went to the new Khoo Teck Huat Hospital (We kept thinking its called Phoon Huat the famous Bakery suppler haha) in Yishun to visit my grandma. Tufeil met with his young "uncles" and "Aunties" who are my cousins and belted out a series of dances!

The video started in the middle of his "dance", then he played with his sandals and towards the end, the danced again. So wait for it. It was a bit short but I cldnt get any better recording.

NOte to self: Do not video record in portrait mode.

SUN 8th Aug 2010.
My plan was thrown wayyy off course when Tufeil could not go out with his dad again in the morning. (I hate surprises!) I was supposed to get the house / room ready to be painted but instead I had to entertain the very mobile boy. As a result, Dad tot I was lazing around while he did the hardwork. Sorry Ayah. PLUS i tot we were doing the living room first. Fortunately, our hired help (costing us $350) were slightly late.

I had an eye treatment appointment (which i'd booked like 3 weeks in advance and cldnt/didnt wanna change) in the afternoon. 2nd sister was kind enough to have Tufeil over at her house so the kids can play.

Felt like we were just settling in to new house. My things are all over the place and mostly they are in my room and i can't retrieve them so had to borrow mum's things. Dont like that feeling of unfamiliarity. Ergh.

We slept in another room too cos the paint smell was too overpowering still.
MON 9th Aug 2010
While Tufeil was out in the morning, I was assigned to do the laundry while Mum cooked lunch and ayah helped with the clearing of walls.

My room was ready and i had to put the furniture back in. I'm not very happy at how the colour turned out. It's SOOOOOOOOOOO light! I wanted something browner but Mum kept saying dont take dark colour or my room will seem well.. DARK. esp cause i paint the ceiling the same colour. But if u've seen my orange room before, it was quite a deep colour. Enough to make an impression. Now, its just .. simply put... WHITE. Ergh! Insya'Allah I shall post a before and after photo when my room is finally ready for Eid.

I took the opportunity to clear my wardrobe too! Which I had been putting off for quite some time. I feel... CLEANSED... or half-cleansed at least cos not all shelves were wiped. I had to prioritise the lower ones where Tufeil could reach. God forbid T eats the lumps of dusts! Wa nauzubillah!

After maghrib around 7.45pm, my family including T all went downstairs to catch the fireworks. OMG IT WAS SUPER DUPER LOUD since it was right in front of my room!!! It went off at exactly 8.10pm as scheduled. I was quite worried about T - how he took the deafening, heart palpitating BANG. It was reported back that he didn't cry. It would've been nicer if my view wasn't obstructing by the tall trees.

He was sent home an hour later at 8.45pm cos he was yawning away... A quick wash up and he was down in 15min. Just as i was about to remove myself from the bed, another round of fireworks popped in the sky! I know 9pm is not late but HELLOOOO please be considerate! GRRRR! It took another 10m to put him back to sleep again.

Oh well.. at least i got my room back.

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