The Two Half Days

Tues, 25th Aug 09 (5months old)

Took halfday in the morning to go for Tufeil's Physiotherapy check up at KK at 11.45am.

My colleague insisted i drop by the office with the baby. She missed him. =) Said she has developed a bond with him cause he's the first ever baby she visited on its first day of life. Besides, i thought he looked like her on that day too!

Not so much in this picture tho.

Another cab ride later, we reached KK.

Thank god he didn't cry today like he did the last time.

Therapist said his right toes are ok. It is also alright NOT to tape it once in a while. The left one is getting better but still need to put it on. She noted how fast i managed to put the tape on now and acknowledged that i've been practising a lot. Let's just say.. i got scared.

However, she still instructed to continue with the therapy: both the taping and the exercise. Oh today she noted that his left 4th toe is leaning the other way too and prescribed another exercise involving stretching it the right way while holding on to the base.

Next check up in 2 months' time and running out of tape. Note to myself: Ask Ayah for help to go down and buy a roll.

26th Aug 09, Wed.

I decided to go to the polyclinic for my VERY LONG OVERDUE postnatal check up. It was supposed to be done 6 weeks after giving birth. Baby is now already 5 months! LOL

I had to bring Tufeil along cos Mum was out for her own check up. Was planning to bring the stroller and walked all of 15min to the clinic. Miraculously, Mak Long my Aunty came by to collect something just as we were about to go out too and she offered a lift. Alhamdulillah.

When i reached and registered myself, i realised that i was assigned a regular doctor to do this postnatal check up as well as Glucose Test to determine if i still have Diabetes. Worse, i was 100 numbers away!

It was 10:30am and i had been fasting since 12midnight the night before. It would take an hour or MORE before the doctor would see me and issue a lab test form to get blood test and drink the hostile glucose and then would hafta wait another hour to draw another set of blood and maybe yet another hour to see the doctor again.

Went back to the registration counter to ascertain if it's really regular doctor and not the gynae. It's correct alright. I told them i had a few questions to ask the gynae and i had to do papsmear too. All she managed to say was that gynae is not in today (wed) but only thursdays and fridays but that she would assign me to a female doctor.

Sorry but i gave up. Mummy suggested i go elsewhere to find out about my diabetes if any.

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