I'm Mean!

I'm sorry but i can't stand your stupidity!

An "Invalid Card Number" was supposed to refer to the credit card number but she tot its the ID being a Foreginer's and not a PRC's.

And she spoke with nonchalant authority too!! "Yeah yeah i know this website. I booked before. I give you the email add. Yeah i know i know its because of the PRC or foreigner's ID." THE NERVE OF HER! ARGHHHHHHHHHH *Pulls hair!!!!*

This website also very stupid! The CC Verification Code is limited to 3 digits whereas AMEX has 4! Of course it will return with an error! And there's no way around it until they re-design the input field!

This Amex also one kind. Want to be the odd one, stand out. Give pple problem only! *look at the employee apologetically*

ARGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! #$%#$^%$&^%&*%^&#$%@#%#^%&^*&%^%@#


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2 glasses of Juice:

rina said...

terasa noh bila cakap pasal amex. :p

Jussaemon said...

teehee... i dont mean you tho. ;)