1st & 2nd Ramadhan


I forgot to write about this. Tufeil pooped while seated in my lap and his shit exploded to the top of his diaper and smeared his shirt!!! Then Cik Girl magically produced a baby's sleeveless shirt. It's just a bit bigger but wearable.

LOL! The last time we were there, two of us need a change of clothes too. They were Mummy and Syifaa' and now Tufeil!

Cik Girl's tiny, under-the-bed drawer is like Doraemon's pocket! Always a shirt or two for all age range. LOL!

Thanks, Cik!


Sat, 22nd Aug 09, First Ramadhan, Tufeil one week shy of 5months.

Woke up at 5am for Sahur. Just as i was about to put Tufeil down on the bed from my chest, he came awake too. I put him on glider as we ate. Alhamdulillah he just sat in it very quietly, even without having fed yet nor BabyFirst on TV. Then back to bed.

As usual, Baby started talking to himself at 10am signalling time for his bath. Played with him for a bit. 30min before my students were due to arrive, i nursed him to sleep again. He slept all thru my class = 1.5hours! Which is quite rare for daytime naps.

AFter playing with him for a bit, i was the sleepy one and coincided with his feeding time so again i nursed him to sleep.

Nobody else was home so there were not many things we could do. so the next feeding time, we slept again for an hour!

When Maghrib was near, i fed and changed him and put him on his glider = i ate peacefully. For half an hour that is. Before he started getting restless. Truly, he could barely fit in his glider now. His legs are either bent at the knees or his heels hitting the metal edges!

One Day of fast completed. Felt VERY tired and with Kitchen and fridge being near was a great temptation.

Sun, 23rd Aug 09, 2nd Ramadhan.

This morning Tufeil slept thru our Sahur needing a feed just after prayer.

At 10am, we woke up. Nothing much to do also. Couldn't conjure enough energy to go to the library. At 1pm, we slept again for 2 hours. By then, it was time to get ready for our usual date for group breaking of fast at Nenek's place.

Shall I have my first taste of "real" food - the date?

Let's try a few licks, first.

More desserts than main dishes =(

Let's play with this "rosary beads" with Aunty Tiah.

If i had thought fasting while pregnant was difficult, fasting while breastfeeding is even more a challenge! You are weak and then you still have to feed the baby AND entertain, clean him and everything.

I'm not so worried about supply. Insya'Allah the body can use the reserves in me to produce enough milk for baby. And insya'Allah i have enough frozen ones if truly needed. It's just i would need energy to keep up with what i'm losing along w production.

Let's see how pumping goes this work week.

Till then~

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