Thurs, 20th Aug 09

One of my 10 best friends FINALLY LANDED on CBD area. In fact, she's now working just 2 buildings away!

Me & She @ Coffee Bean

The very muak Chicken & mushroom Fussili turned Fettucine
and the COMPULSORY Sunrise =)

What a shame that she started work just 5days before the fasting month begins. Otherwise, I could show her places! hehehe But we've made a deal to make a standing lunch date once a week.

Had a nice time catching up with her. It was nice that she felt soooo relieved that i identified with one her situations. It felt good being appreciated. That's what we almost always take for granted.

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4 glasses of Juice:

AzRaNan said...

Hey.. I was 2 buildings away too. No fair =(

lunch buddy buddy said...

Jus, I've changed my mind: I don't want to meet u 1x a wk. Let's make it 2x! Double the fun!!! Ahahaha...

Jussaemon said...

Yeah Nan and the operative word is... WAS! :P

ok buddy, twice it is!!

AzRaNan said...

Be sure to eat Amoy St chicken rice for me, lunch buddy buddy... sob.. the memories...