Hari Raya is Coming!?!?

Ok this year, finding the right outfit for our Eid celebration will be a real challenge yet!

For one, It's diff to shop around with a baby in tow. Make that TWO babies to incld Syifaa'.

For another, I need a comfortable one for BF-ing! ie not as long as the knee length baju Kurung. Also need buttons in front but not all the way. Material also should be cooling and one that won't irritate baby like sequins and stuff.
We went to Joo Chiat yesterday. I had to resort to feeding the babe in a FITTING ROOM!
Shhh baby.. don't let them know we're in here!
Well.. at least my sis did buy something from this particular shop. so i dont feel too guilty.
The new Geylang Serai Market.
I'm prolly the last person in spore who hasn't been here. and still haven't cos we just passed by to catch a cab!

And for that, i am not too looking forward for that festival. The Hassle! Yikes! My Best friends would say it was more diff for them last yr when their babies were only 2months old thereabouts .

On the other hand, when i visited a friend with her newborn yesterday, she asked her baby, "Emel, Are you ready to go visiting? to go "Collection"?" Ah! ok! I suppose that's something to look forward to, although not the MAIN reason *wink*.

But FIRST! Need to start repaying the fast! i missed like... 6 days last yr when i was pregnant. Today, i dont even know if i can survive a single day of fast since going without breakfast would make my body very weak by lunch time!! And the thought of waking up BEFORE Dawn when the baby already keeps me awake most of the night!? How do other mothers do it?!

Ya Allah, please give me strength and Iman to complete this pillar of Islam.

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2 glasses of Juice:

erin said...

May Allah make it easy for you and increase your reward inshaAllah :)

Jussaemon said...