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Thurs, 20th Aug 09

Another round of Karaoke-ing @ Club 7 but this time it's with the Cuzzies plus 1 aunty and also Ayah, before Ramadhan starts and Ayah's $80 bday benefit expires! haha

As usual, i'm the first to come. they rest arrived at 6:45pm, me and Ayah already sang a few songs first.

Cik Girl, Ayid and Ee!!

Thanks E for coming! Very rare to get you to come along! Altho i suspect it's only cos u wanted to drive the car! LOL ;P

Nur and me
Yan with Ash in the background

This time around, something was lacking, in my opinion. It wasn't as lively as the previous times we were here. Maybe it was just me, cos Ash said she had fun. But when i saw pple yawning, then others went outside to eat (main dishes are prohibited in the karaoke room now) and pple singing alone... a bit sad lor.. Perhaps another reason was we chose such lousy songs!! We didnt get to sing those wonderful duets that we usually sing.

Bcos the room was big, i managed to pump for Tufeil too at one corner of the room. Teehee

I think the next time, we need to go in smaller group so can get to sing more! Otherwise, hafta come during weekends so can book for longer = more songs!

Reached home at 10:45pm.

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