A few nights ago, I tipped over a bottle of expressed milk after pouring some of 130ml bottle to 70ml one to even it up!!! Hey that's 15min of my time gone to the drain!


Today i was on half day morning for mummy's check up. It's also my first time taking care of Syifaa' and Tufeil "alone".

Thank God Syifaa' didn't cry! Ok she almost did when she cldnt get a cold drink bcos of her cough. But i suggested hot milo instead and the situation was resolved.


Also, today my postnatal masseuse dropped by out of the blue! She came to collect her stuffs: the Ganggang suit, bengkung and mini batu lesung.

She asked how old's the baby now. I replied almost 5months. And that is just how long her things have been at my house unreturned!

Sorry, Cik! *embarassed*


Have u ever felt your heart "lurched" or "dropped" with fear out of the blue?

I dont know why mine did just now on the way to work and its agonising me... What have i forgotten to do? I hate it when this happens.

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