Baby's First Trip!

1st - 2nd Aug 09 - 4months old

We had a wedding invitation in Malacca and so we drove up in 2 cars.

First stop was Breakfast @ Singgah Selalu. Ok that was my first time experiencing their bfast. 3 tables worth of dishes. Help yourself to the rice and amount of dishes and they'll bill you accordingly. Nice! What excited my hunger was the goreng pisang and the delicious smell of Baulu baking!

First time being in the car seat!

Thankfully, he wasn't cranky being belted up in the car seat. In fact, i think he was enjoying the scene. So much so that he was lulled to sleep most of the time. Mornings are easier because he's usually asleep anyways.

Second compulsory stop was at Machap Rest & Relax for ice cream @ Baskin Robin

"My mummy so naughty won't let me have some. So now i hafta suck my thumb!"

Also used the Surau (prayer place) @ 11am to feed Tufeil and changed him there! Gasp!

At some point, Mummy took over as pilot. If baby was not on BM, i would have driven all the way! haha

First we went to the wedding. It rained in the morning and the ground was full of mud. So didn't bring out the stroller but wore the carrier instead. It was quite diff for me to eat so mummy and i took turns. No pictures because my hand was quite full lah and place was quite... gray and shabby. Maybe it was the rain.

Emperor hotel. Again! Arghhhhhhhh
ok its only RM130 per night but the toilet is really horrible!
After some rest, we went to Tesco for dinner. After awhile, Tufeil needed changing and this is how their changing / nursing room typically looks:

Baby Changing Room cum cleaner's store room?!?!

Can you tell me how m i suppose to lay down my baby on hard AND wet ceramic tiles???

Not just that, it was also stuffy. So much so that when it came to feeding Tufeil, i opted for the Surau rather than the BF room!

Oh my gosh oh my gosh! I did a lot of shopping! I Soooo didn't intend to buy any clothes at all! I only allocated RM140 to spend and i blew it all (almost) on MY clothes. NOTHING for Tufeil. He has enough already. haha.

I was so beat by the time we reached the hotel room i shared with the maid. Er.... Can see that she was sooo happy to have this chance to "travel" and shop a bit with her S$50. So much so that she did all tasks with a smile and almost willingly. HAH. I even taught her to use the camera.

Even the grandma took a dip in the pool!

DAy 2

Checking out. Why m i smiling now that vacation is almost over?

First Stop: Masjid Selat Melaka (Straits of Malacca Mosque)

From the carpark.

You will first encounter the ablution / toilet / baby changing room. Yes ceramic counter but at least they provided some rubber placemat. But Thank God Tufeil didn't need a change since we had only just left the hotel.

The mosque is practically on the water!

Ayah noted the Arab influenced architectural design on this mosque.

2nd stop: Dataran Pahlawan - more shopping!

First thing i saw was Factory Outlet Store and i charged RM127 to my Master debit card. For that amount i got 6 articles consisting of 2 work shirts, 2 pyjama pants, and 2 t-shirts. That's a little under S$10 apiece!

Then we went to the Heritage centre to buy souvenirs mostly Food. HAHAHA

The epicentre. with a carving or whatever u call it depicting the original Dataran.

From here, we took the beca (3-wheeled bicycle) to Equatorial hotel where the guys parked the car. It's actually RM10 per vehicle to circle the town for prolly 30min. But we only took a 5min ride for RM5 cos we were quite pressed for time.

My plain ride. Shared with Ayah.

Then it gets better.

and this is the Best Colourful Ride!
After that, we went back to the bride & Groom's place to personally meet the hosts again.

Tufeil meets Tok Long Janggut. hehe

Hey Tufeil, Watcha doin' mah boy?

Oops! Ok you caught me. I'm learning to drive!

Then we went to YB's (Yang Berhormat or The Honorary) house to visit the Great Grandma.

3months old Kalif & 4months old Tufeil

Also to meet Tufeil's friend. The last time we visited in Jan, both of them were still in the tummy!

We left their place at 9pm!!!! Reached Singapore a little bit after midnight.

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That looks like fun! Come to think of it, I have NEVER been to Malacca!!