Lousy Last Lunch

21st Aug 09 - Friday.

Ok today is officially the last lunch at work before Ramadhan starts. I wanted to make it special. LOL. So I decided on 1 popiah from Qi Ji @ Marina and popcorn chicken snackers at KFC, go to the nursing room to pump and munch.

A prolonged detour at Mothercare saw me being held back in a long queue at KFC. It was 5min to 1pm by the time i was ready to start multi tasking.

There was a nearer nursing room but i chose and walked all the way to the one near the taxi stand cos it's rather secluded and so that when i finish, the cab is just nearby. unfortunately it was IN USE!!! Now i hafta go back upstairs and walked a bit more for another room.

So i decided to just take the cab now back to office and pump in the meeting room that i've already booked.

Told the driver to stop at MacCallum street but he said no cannot! in CBD can only drop off passengers at taxi stand. I said how come? I tot small roads where no buses pass is excemted? The driver attempted a reply but decided to just let me off quickly.

I went directly to the 23rd floor where the meeting room was only to find that my access card was denied entry to this separate entity's office to go thru to the meeting room. I asked another person but hers was also denied.

I knocked. The guy was too occupied with his work to see me. So i went to the back door. Also denied access. But finally somebody saw me and opened the door.


But by then i only had 45min to do my thing. Sorry Boss I took 2hrs. Heehee =)

PS: I bought Tufeil bodysuits for home wear 6 - 9months size. 7pcs @ $46. and some more socks in same size.

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