Nice nice nice

After such a long time, more than 4 weeks, Zubair finally sent me to "Dreamworld" ie sleep. Happily too! Not grudgingly or with dragged feet.

He enthusiastically grabbed a book and snuggled in next to me. It was midnight and i was a happy girl feeling her hub next to her, the last thing she saw before drifting to a nice dream.

Another thing that made me happy was.. the book he was reading. Nehjul Balagha.

In the morning, while i was getting ready for work, suddenly his eyes slit open. He gestured for me to come to him. After a warm hug (God i so dont wanna go to work!) he mumbled something... i asked, "what's that?" and he said..

I love you.

No he wasnt sleeptalking. Bcos he usually sleeptalks in Urdu. and also bcos one minute into the snuggle, and he nudged me to go to work.

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