Afro Latin Cardio a Disaster Five times over


I was knocked down in my chair when i read an email saying, "Reminder for your first Afro Latin Cardio Lesson tmrw night."

Mishap No 1: Hang on a sec. This email was sent the day before while i was on MC. Sheesh! The class is today! And i dont have my gear with me and i was wearing a kameez top, a white pants and my pointy bare back shoes.

But at that time, i was feeling on top of the world, nothing could stop me. So i called the darling Hubby and asked a favour from him to bring my gears for me. At first, he was reluctant, but i coaxed him w a promise of a special treat and eventually he agreed. In my mind i was prepared to go barefooted and in the current outfit.

Mishap No 2: Instead of bringing my white and blue long sleeve t-shirt, he brought my blue and black SWIMMING top! LOL... ok its better than nothing. PLUS he's got my pants and most importantly, shoes, right.

Mishap No 3 nearly happened when iw as trying to locate the studio on my own cos i didnt wait up for my other colleagues. It was at Palmer Road near Bestway Building. I nearly wanted to walk down till the end of Shenton Way.

So the REAL Mishap / Disaster No 3 was... The "exercise" was SUPER HIGH INTENSIVE. Most of us cannot make it lah. Although my HR already warned us NOT to expect a nice studio, it really was a run down place! And i couldnt help comparing Tuesday's instructor with Thursday's. Tuesday doesnt show us step by step movement. Nor wait us up nor slack a bit seeing that we all cldn't cope. All i can do is hope next one will be better. Either that or i'll just wait for 6 weeks to be over and its Belly Dancing Tuesdays. Well but i hafta say it was a good sweat lah after such a long time.

Its not enough that Three mishaps had already happened. At No 4: MY PAPERBACK BURST! the paperback that Z brought containing my clothes. Thank God class was already over. But it had to burst right at the toilet door with people looking on! ERGH! I just quickly stuffed everything into my bag and cradle my book.

Bcos i wanted to treat Z to dessert, our dinner could not be so heavy and we ended up by 20 sticks of satay at Lau Pa Sat for $14.

That's when Mishap No 5 happened: The dessert eatery is CLOSED!! Because they are located in town when its practically deserted after office hours, the operating hours for THAT particular outlet is 11am to 8pm!! and we reached there like 8:45pm!! BOOHOOHOOO I was sooooooooo looking forward to eating ice cream. Cheh!

5 Mishaps in a day were not enough to bring me down from the Top of the World feeling. It all felt tooo miniscule bcos Z was with me and i was feeling loved and appreciated. Hee :D

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