Its Another One of Them False Starts Again

GV has a $6.50 per ticket offer every Tuesday for member.

So i thought it's a good opportunity to bring Zubair to watch an English movie.

Since im not a member yet, i asked my sis to book for me online but used my credit card. Somehow they say that there's a card number error. So thinking that i'd only save $1 anyway bcos of the booking fee, my sis left me to buy the ticket on my own at the counter.

So i met Z at Bishan at 6:05pm.

After some 10min of queueing, i was told that the transaction couldnt come thru! What? I tried my Diners... unsuccessful also... Wha..... what??

But that's not possible! The statement for Visa says i've only charged $300. I cant have spent $200 in the span of 1 week now could i? And my Diners also have free space of $100 ok!

i walked away with no tickets :(

And i was all geared up to watch it.. ok ok i shall wait for pay day and AFTEr i've settled my CC. I should also check with the bank that my card is not spoilt or anything. haha.

In the end, we just went to Bishan library and back. If we had known this were to happen, should have just stayed at home and save on that train ride fare! Ergh!

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