Excuse me

Please excuse my pening / be-migrained self.

This morning my head was ping ponging itself so hard i can't hear myself think. Even when i sleep, i dreamt that i was still having headaches.

And Big bosses from Paris are in town!

Im torn between dragging my feet to work and have a bad mood or try to sleep it off and feel guilty.

Naturally, i went with the latter option as apart from making them tea or giving them water, i dont really give any significance to their visit.

I have a lot of stories to write but going to the doctor soon. So you guys wait for tmrw ok?

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2 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

Get well soon!

narny said...

do you take anything for your migraine? I get very bad attacks especially after work! uurrgh

The only thing that can cure me is Neurofen and some sleep after!