Sports CARNIVAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Volunteers had to be there by 7:30am.
I was ready by 6:50am (like 40min earlier than normal weekdays) and ready to hail the cab (since its claimable) but mummy and ayah insisted on sending me. Yayyy
I intended to buy another $10 of Bee Bee snack to supplement our sweets giveaway for game stall but the provision shop nearby was still closed. There was a coffee shop next door. While i thought it was unlikely they would carry Bee Bee stocks, i just surveyed and indeed i was in luck! However, they sell at 20cents each now! So when i could have bought 100pkt worths, i only got 52pkt! but better than nothing at all!
I was the first to arrive from my dept. Then about 45min later, Amos, followed by Val then Mathieu.

Looks like the kids are all busy in the telematch. We expected the family to start patronising our stalls first while the telematch was on the roll but they spectated the event. So we went for bfast first.

There were toasts with syrup, hashbrowns and scrambled eggs, as well as muffins!

So basically the first half of the morning was slack for us. Not many pple.... just some of the volunteers kids playing the games and some of us sampling the other stalls' games. If i were one of the children, i'd be jumping with joy with all those games that were available lah!

My Locks & Keys Station.

The locks and keys were supposed to be clipped on to a chain which should have been hung. But in the end the chain didnt come and just as well cos putting it on the table was way better. Look! the children are so small they cant even reach if we were to have hung it!

Topple the tin can station

Animals Hula Hoop Station

Paper Aeroplane station

Skip n Win Station

Unfortunately, i didnt get to see where i stand in the skipping skills.

MY FAV station! Puzzle Bubble or something.

You hafta pick up as many marbles with chopsticks in 1 min. The marbles are in that container of SOAP water. i was aiming for the Cookie Crisp mini packet so i just picked up 5 but they refused to give me any cos its supposed to be for the poor kids. At the end, they have loads to spare! Boohoohoo...

Fishing the Fish

My favourite boy! Antoine Tetard.

The name escapes me

Treasure Hunt!


Look at the hardwork of nailing all those!

It warms my heart how the colleagues are so ingeneous at creating games out of recycled items like Boxes and egg trays and also how generous they are at buying the game set / items (there is this one stall giving out sand art pieces!! and even win some MORE prizes after you COMPLETEd ur art piece!) and lovely lovely prizes too.

By 11am, we were too busy i didnt even get to eat ANYTHING! Bcos one of my colleague went down to get food and never came back! leaving only 2 at the game stall where the action was and FOUR at the food stall! If it hadnt been so much fun, i would have cried at not getting to eat!

It was 1pm already. Prize giving time. But before that there was a tug of war between AXA's various group CEOs along with the Guest of Honor, a minister i shan't mention his name.

Thank god my mgr gave the green light to pack up. Most of our good prizes are gone but there were some balance left and we gave it to the marshal for the Red Team for him to distribute to his kids

By 1:30pm we left and my mgr even gave me a lift home. Phew!

We were also being featured in ChannelNewsAsia

AXA Group organises sports carnival for underprivileged families

By May Wong, Channel NewsAsia

Posted: 22 June 2008 1614 hrs

SINGAPORE: The AXA Group, which deals in insurance, organised a sports carnival for underprivileged children and their family members on Saturday. They partnered City Community Services and North East Community Development Council for the carnival. The event which was held at North Vista Primary School, attracted over 500 needy children. Whether it was to test their accuracy skills or aim for speed, children hopped from one game station to another. The event brought smiles with prizes being won. The event is part of an international effort under the AXA group, where over 17,000 of its employees volunteer their time to care for the community. - CNA/vm

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Anonymous said...

That was a time well spent. Look how much the kids have enjoyed, well also the staff :) Shabaash!