Hi-Tea @ Asian Market Cafe

Saturday, 16th April 2011

Treated the family to The Asian Market Cafe @ Fairmont (aka Swissotel, prevly Westin Stamford). I've only just knew a month or two ago that this hotel is serving HALAL Asian Buffet. At $36++ for Adult's Hi Tea, its not too exp as compared to Hyatt's Straits Kitchen serving Asian too.

We had a reservation for 12nn. Ly & family could not join us cause she's in her last trimester and she can't take too much food.

Photos are half-passed with the poor lighting (for phototaking, but is totally nice and romantic in real) but I couldn't care less if people were to judge my camera skill because this blog is not about that. It's about documenting the interesting points of my life.


General Dining area.

Actually Dining area seems to be in 3 sections. Front, middle and back. Middle is where the food is = crowded. (I half feared that T will demand to get down and touch all the good or worse, toss them to the floor!) and that's where we were seated.

Only 2 choices of drinks today: Sour Plum and Water Chestnut.

Unfortunately, I don't drink either. =( I've read reviews that there can be up to 4 choices such as Bandung! WHY?! WHY no bandung today?! Aiyooo

Hmmm sandwiches station.

Actually I'm amazed I didn't touch any of these! I saved my tummy for something else...

Cold Cuts & Sushi

Haha Chicken Meatloaf!!

Finger Food station: Spring roll, curry puff, chicken nuggest, fries, Onion rings

Stir fried veges, sweet & Sour Fish, more vege, chicken pie, white carrot cake and fried Drummets. The last one is sooo yummy and crispy!

Pandan Chicken Leaf, er... clams? and Fried noodles.

YEs! I was aiming for the Rojak DIY station.

Well actually mine is not exactly rojak as i only take the You tiao + just a dash of the sauce minus peanuts (I hate peanuts!)

Not pictured are also Nasi Lemak station, and Indian + Roti Prata station w kadai chicken and whatever. I asked for Prata Cheese Mushroom DON"T HAVe! Only w cheese =( It wasn't crispy enough =(

Now on to desserts!

Ice Kacang (Shaved ice with syrups, nuts, jelly) DIY Station!!!

Totally dig this!!! I LOVE ICe kacang but HATe the nuts. So this is the BEST opportunity to make my own!!! I put lots of jelly, lots of RED syrup, and some milk. I had some difficulty to get the machine to churn some ice for me. I turned the wheel, but it only unhooks the ice... then the staff came to me and showed the "ON" button. *Slap forehead* I thought it's the kind where you hafta spin it on your own! LOL

Assorted Nonya kuehs, cakes, etc

Pumpkin Cream caramel and Mango Glutinous rice!!!

Both are my favourite desserts in the world but it's tooo fancied up I don't like. I mean they put NUTS in the glutinous rice???

Banana Creme Brulee and something else.

Didnt even touch it. I think it's got CORN on it? I'm so vege-phobic. *shudder*


Oh great now I just remembered that I totally missed out on these cos too full already and Mum was urging us to go home =( !!

My first Plate.

Not totally my own choice but with Tufeil in mind.

The boy who wants to eat on his own.

So we made him wear the napkin. (Ayah had to put it on first so he'd follow)

Of course, it only managed to stay there for 5min.

My "Official" 2nd plate

The not official 2nd plate was the Cheese Prata but you can't really count that as 1 whole plate, can you? and then there's the time when I took some more food of prolly the same but it's for Tufeil. Er...Mainly. LOL.

There's a small play corner for the kids. A balloonist was in action.

Tufeil came back with a PINK cat! Which burst on its own accord an hour or so later

Break for prayer. I'm totally pleased to hear that they've got 2 PROPER CORNERs for Muslims to pray! One for male and female, of course.

You hafta turn left from the Cafe and see this then turn around...

To see a wall labeled just so..

There you are - a proper corner!

We don't hafta "Sneak" around to pray anymore. I LOVE.

Tufeil, finally asleep. Cheh.

Me & Ash

Last minute Family Portrait in the... LIFT!

Afterwards, we popped by Sun Plaza to get haircuts for the Boy and his Atok.

He was scared or restless at first.

So we tried to distract or motivate him with the "abang" who was going for a Trojan hair.

Muka CUAK sey.

"What are you going to do to me?" face

Muka "Maintain"

Steady face.

Not a whimper even in this awkward position. Good Job, Tufeil!

It was only 5pm when we reached home so without even going upstairs to change, I took him to the playground. Alas, it was wet so I decided to drop by Ly's place instead. Afterwards, we went to the provision shop...

Good boy helping mummy carry the bag.

Er... "I'm a Big Boy!" kinda move. LOL

There you go! What a longgggg day that was... Another one tmrw!

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2 glasses of Juice:

Ashley said...

Thank you eh belanja!!! Mudah2an murah rezeki selalu, boleh belanja selalu. haha

Jussaemon said...

Yelah sama2... Ameen. And aku doakan kau pon murah rezeki boleh belanja kita jugak...