Double-Decker Bus

Saturday, 2nd April 2011 As far as i know, this is Tufeil's first ride on a Double Decker bus. We went out on a whim on a lazy and boring Saturday afternoon after we woke up from nap. The only double decker buses serving Woodlands are 168 (to Tampines/Bedok) and 161 (to Sengkang). Decided I could probably find some fun at Tampines. I smsed Nan to ask what's interesting to do there but she replied that there's nothing esply.


He looks sooo comot (unkempt) because he sweats easily and the underground bus interchange is super super HOT.

The first thing he exclaimed when we got up the bus was, "Wahhh tingginye!" (Wahh so high!)

He throughly enjoyed the view from a height.

And here he kept pointing out "Eh eh double decker bus lagi!" (Another double decker bus!)

The first 20minutes, he was very very keen looking out the window at the jungle, rivers and kites. We've been through this route a thousand times but could never see them properly from a car. The last 5-10minutes, he started getting restless and asked for my phone. Thankfully, the 3G was working smoothly.

In the end, we paid the library a short visit.

Tufeil just love this mascot.

I couldn't, for the life of me, decide if this is a cat or a lion.

He was holding a Hang Tuah book.

Totally uninspired, we just had McDonalds for dinner at Tampines Mall where one of the managers helped me to carry the tray, find a seat, and take the condiments and straws! This coming from a very busy outlet! I never get the same treatment at Woodlands! They always just look on as i carried the tot in one hand, and a full tray on the other.

I also dropped by Swatch shop to get an elastic watch for myself but I was told that Swatch doesn't produce such design anymore! BOOHOOHOO!!! It's sooo fast and easy to wear. Where else can i find?? Don't want the $10 kind because I ever bought before, it doesnt last 10minutes!

We took the bus home again. This time around, it was already dark, so we just appreciated the lights and just talked to each other imagining what the baby in the opposite seat was babbling about. Also as in the earlier ride, this only lasted for 20minutes before he demanded the iPhone again.

It was a nice day out bonding just the two of us =D

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2 glasses of Juice:

Ashley said...

Tell me about the underground interchange! Silly as no air can get pass through. I was sweating like a pig when I was last there last weekend.

The least they could do is put a GIANT fan.

Jussaemon said...

Are there no fans around? I didn't notice. Yup they should upgrade the 15 year old interchange and make it all air-conditioned, perhaps.