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FORGOT to write that Tufeil has finally started to jump up on his two feet! YAYYY!!! It's only just about 2 - 3 inches off the ground for now. He seemed excited that his new found skill too that he kept doing it. This came about after Syifaa' finalyl visited us after some 2 weeks and jumped on the bed with him.


He seems sooo big now when I watch him sleep... I'm very happy that I can really have a proper conversation with him. 

Oh Look! He's drawing a balloon and Atok!
Notice how the Atok has one long strand of beard and one strand of hair?
But this is all one-off for now. He has not recreated this since.

I think he takes after me in being OCD about arranging stuffs. I noticed how when he's putting away his crayons, he would put each and every one of them on the upright position. He would painstakingly turn the crayon if its upside down before putting it in.

Other than that, he can recognise the number 1. Ok maybe it's associated with one of his blocks that's in the shape of 1 but I reckon he can recognise it in other forms too. Shall test it tonight.

He also has a good palate. When I feed him some pasta, I don't tell him what's inside. After his first bite, he would say, "Hmmm ada (there's) mushroom!" or "ada (there's) sausage!" Well ok, so far, its just those two that he would express delight in discovering in his mouth. But I believe he can be a great cook or even a chef when he grows up. IF he starts eating his vegetables, that is. He follows me in terms of food choice too! And that's not good, baby!

I'm not sure if I'm imagining it or what but Tufeil seems quite restless when he suckles at night. He ever said, "Nak lagi nak lagi..." Even though I WAS giving to him. if its the weekend and we sleep a little later and he would still be drinking in bed, he would give up and tell me he wants some Chocolate Milk, instead. I think my supply is extremely low now. I really really NEED to wean him off completely but totally dreading it. Bah!

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