Tufeil's Second Day of School

Monday 4th April So today Tufeil donned his school uniform!!!

E eh mcm model pulak dgn tgnnye!

w Songkok (Muslim Cap)

Of course the cap didn't last two minutes on his head.

Rode the van with him. The plan was to gradually let go of him before the week's over. So I stayed for about half an hour, went home and cleared his wardrobe (while watching The Amazing Race) and then went back at 11am to "fetch" him. It's actually only about 10min away by bus! So convenient!

Checking hands, feet and mouth for spots.

I'm really amazed that he didnt complain one bit about the teacher checking his tongue and taking his temperature and all that. Usually at the doctor's he would scream bloody murder!

I was also beginning to question whether my being there is actually delaying his acclimatisation and hindering the teacher's progress with him. Mainly because I wasn't sure if what I'm telling him is correct / in line with Montessori method. Should I step in when Tufeil is distracted or should I let the teacher do it? Its so confusing when the boundary is not clear. I felt obliged to help cause they seemed to have their hands full. On the other hand, I worry that they might think I dont trust them to do their job or something.

The Hands On Handbook for parents said that Montessori is all about self-independence and choice. HOwever, I DO wonder when are they going to introduce T with the language and mathematics materials. But I suppose it doesn't really matter. I mean I can't expect everything to happen overnight. Besides, I like that he loves the Practical Life and Sensorial games. I believe those are really the stuffs towards independence.

I totally dig the songs when the just arrive

Too bad iPhone's mic didn't capture their voice very well. So the words go something like this:

Hello! How are you 3x? How are you, today?

I'm fine, thank you 3x. I'm fine today.

Ahlan! Kaifa kum (?) 3x? Kaifa kum, al-yaum?

Ana Bikhairn Shukran 3x. Ana bikhair al-yaum.

Hello! Apa khabar 3x? Apa khabar semua?

Saya baik, terima kasih 3x. Saya baik, semua.

*Crouch* One two three. three two one. Hanis Montessori, Number One!*jump*

wahid, ithnani, thalatha. thalatha, ithnani, wahid. Hanis Montessori, raqam Wahid!

satu dua tiga, tiga dua satu. Hanid Montessori nombor satu!

Tufeil was distracted when I went to talk to the teacher and then to the bathroom. I wanted to leave then. Unfortunately, my shoes were at the other side of the room and I had to pass him to get there. So I explained to him that I'm going home for awhile and will be back later. Of course he resisted and asked me to stay. I was at the door when Tufeil cam running towards me wanting to show me something and then he suddenly eyed an interest toy and got diverted instead! Saved by the Toy!

When I reached the school the second time, I heard somebody crying. I rushed inside. Oh it wasn't him. Thank God. But I didn't get the chance to ask the teacher if he cried at all. Next time lah. I was in time for the "Circle Time". Today's circle time is about music & rhythm.

A Dinosaur song. To the tune of 5 Little Ducks or whatever the title is.

Tufeil refused to put on the mask so one of the teachers wore for him.

Felt that the teachers were a little bit ill prepared for this oneso it turned out rather dull the first time around. And then that fiesty teacher, the one who told an animated story last friday, spruced things up and we were all happy again.

Now is the Barney "Please and thank you" Song.

Children had so much fun they had 3 rounds of that song!

And then it was time to go home. We didn't ride the bus home last week so this is T's first time. I knew he would get sleepy esply in moving vehicles sitting all buckled up and staring out the window. He was asleep pretty soon after we got down the bus.

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