The Rest of the 1st Week of School

Tuesday 5th April 2011,

In the spirit of gradually letting him go to school on his own, I let him board the bus himself, didn't sit in his class and he even came home on his own by the school bus. In the meantime, I cleaned at home and managed to watch a couple of episodes of The Amazing Race. But it's IMPOSSIBLE to catch any sleep. Fear of being late sets me back.

He was scheduled to arrive home at 12:05noon but he was about at least 10mins early! Fortunately, I decided NOT to finish watching TAR and get down 15min earlier. hahaha Ayah was already down to ferry us to Arab St to meet Mummy to shop for Eid clothes.

We arrived at the travel agent office about 12.30 and we had to wait like 45minutes to do our Zohr there. :S Thank God for iPhone or Tufeil would have already gone crazy bored. I also felt the clock ticking slowly because T should be napping already!

I knew T would cry if we keep stopping at shops, so I walked to Bugis junction first, while Mum chose the cloth materials. T was asleep in 5. I was sooooooo disappointed that Dough Culture there is closed! BOOHOOHOO.

When I got back to Mum in a shop, T came awake and cried feeling claustrophobic in the small shop. So I had to "walk" him for another 10min. My already lack of mood was totally diminished by His Royal Crankiness.

We also made a mistake of eating while he was sleeping. Firstly, he didnt get to eat with us. Secondly, by the time we wanted to shop at Golden Landmark, he was already awake and making a scene while I was trying to decide which design to go for at KebayaMod. This is my very very FIRST time I'm spending $200 on a single suit for Eid.

Wed 6th April 2011 I was told that the school bus has exceeded its capacity limit of 12 children with another new student. So, Tufeil has been allocated another bus. It was very disappointing to learn that this other bus is an older one WITHOUT, i repeat WITHOUT, TV screens. BOOHOOHOO
Wednesday is also the day to wear PE attire.

I wanted to drop by to see what is this Physical activity all about. But ..........

Thursday, 7th April 2011

I cancelled my half day leave today as I thought that Tufeil has already acclimatised to going to school. Unfortunately, he cried when he was boarding the bus. Prolly for 2 reasons. First he was walking towards the playground with his Atok in tow when he got dragged into the van. Second, there's no TV in it to entice him. I just left him and hoped for the best.

Friday, 8th April 2011

By this time in the morning, I was really dragging my feet. I was beginning to think 5 days a week is a bit too much! While Tufeil has no problem waking up early, he will wail his lungs out come bathtime. It gets to your nerve when you hafta battle bathtime in the early mornings for 5 days straight.

Nonetheless, today is going to be so exciting! It's International Friendship Day. You're supposed to exchange a small gift with your friend and also to don an international costume.

We got this $1 Doraemon colouring and sticker book

As well as a $1 Smiley stamp

Tufeil wear his Shalwar kameez and a vest

Close up

When I came home from work, I realised that I haven't checked his Communication book!

Customised with his name!!

This is what the principal wrote about his first full day without me.

"Tufeil is doing well in school. He did not cry when he alighted from the bus. He is friendly and talked to all his friends. He asked them lots of questions eg "what is this?" "What are you doing?" etc. He ate two bowls of cereals today. He enjoys playing and running around with his new friends."

My heart just glowed reading this and savouring every single word.

On subsequent pages, some reminders for the parents.
This is Tufeil's present from Liyana

Oh! Its a Pooh notepad!

He also received a goodie bag full of snacks. :S

Earlier that day, I called the principal to ask if Tufeil can take the other van because he has been crying not wanting to go to board it. After some discussion with the respective drivers, it was found that it's impossible to fit Tufeil in the original driver's route as he goes as far as Canberra to pick up the kids. However, the attendant did report to the principal that he usually cries just for awhile (I'm imagining him being soothed by food!!!) and that he's doing better. Alas, we had to stick with it. I suppose it would create more problems if we keep changing buses.

But the reassuring thing is how Mdm Nor talked to me. The way she related to me about Tufeil's day at school is very descriptive and shows she paid attention to my son. That appeased me quite a lot. She said that on that Wednesday (the new bus) onwards he would cry a bit arriving in school asking for "nak music... nak music..." Barney song. I can totally imagine how he whines! And then soon after, he would be ok and dancing around with everybody else.

Monday 11th April 2011

Unfortunately, Tufeil has the fever and skipped school.

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6 glasses of Juice:

Nisa AK said...

Shopping for Eid clothes already? I must start sewing that means!!!
Ok i wont ask what u got, surprise us come Eid lolz

Too bad abt the TV school bus, but on the positive side having his eyes glued to something while on a moving vehicle would be harmful for his eyesight right! :D

Jussaemon said...

Yah My mum's been nagging me since forever to get them done but for me no feeling yet you know. hahaha

Well.. he didn't have a long attention span. He usually alternates between looking out the window, watching the screen and talking to the Nenek Attendant. But well... yah I suppose I should curb his TV time actually.

The 6 of Us said...

He's making great progress transiting to school-life. Usually its very normal to have the short crying bouts at the very start (of the day/bus-trip/school arrival etc), but if they settle down quickly after that and don't have any ill-effects...then that's perfectly ok. Great job Tufeil!

Jussaemon said...

Thanks sis! Your comment really made me smile and totally reassured.

norza said...

It took Aisyah quite a while to get used to school but T really is doing well for his age. Well done!!!

Aisyah got a van with the tv and she tells me more about the tv programs more than skool itself.

Fortunately makcik van made her sit at the back one day so no more tv for her which was a relief. I don't quite like it because watching tv on a moving vehicle will def worsen her eyesight (since her eyesight is already bad already! hehehe).

Jussaemon said...

heheheheh OK yeah I've accepted that this van arrangement is for the better... I also worry for T's eyesight now I cut down his iPhone usage.. absolutely no iPhone before sleeping. (I silenced and hid the phone under the pillow) Instead, we watch Cars on the computer about 2 metres away.