PSA Port Visit

Fri, 29th April 2011
Finally found the time to update this ancient event. The Company organised a tour of PSA Port. I was sooo excited as I've never been there before! What was better was it was just us 8 of us - the underwriters and us executives - no brokers or whatever.

Me & Sharon at the lobby waiting for the van

The van that is to drive us around in Pasir Panjang Terminal

View from the PSA Building
They are reclaiming land using HUGE CONCRETE BLOCKS to make the 5th terminal in S'pore.

First, we met the Corporate Comm guy at the PSA building where he played a 7min video of what its all about. And then we moved off to the terminal.

Just had to snap a pic in the toilet

I was quite disappointed to know that we were not allowed to alight from the van and that we were not going onboard any vessels! But my manager did tell me that she would let me know if any my risk manager is going on board one so perhaps I could follow!?

But security is very tight.

Huge huge cranes!!

Car Terminal
It was fascinating to see how extremely accurate all these cars were parked in sheer straight line not a cm askew! And the number of them parked there! like WOW! Felt like running away with one of them mercedez hatchbacks. hahahah

We learnt quite a few many things which I shan't bother to write here. I already squeezed my brain writing for the internal newsletter.  

Besides, the best thing about that day was the bonding part of it.

We had lunch afterwards at Garuda, Vivocity.

I can't tell you how funny my British colleague is. He shook his head at the menu and food i photographed. He even made fun of the word HALAL as Hello!

He also laughed at my OCD-ness eating the waffle square by square.

Oh Sheesh. Now that photo makes me hungry.

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