Sneak Preview!

Sat, 25th Apr

My 2nd sis (Syifaa's mother) stayed at our place for the weekend. (Yes she's officially moved.) We wanted to go out somewhere but cldnt decide where n when (as in what time) until First sis (Ash) had to go off to meet a friend. So the two of us (plus 2 babies and a maid) ended up going to Jurong Point for dinner at Pizza Hut.

Actually i almost wanted to back out because the baby was cranky and making me cranky too. Esp since it'd b my first time gg out with the bb without Zubair and my first time trying out the sling. But Ly persuaded me otherwise.

So at 8pm, we finally went out.

The Sling.

The Baby safely inside! (And this is the sneak preview! LOL)

I'm not so sure it's very comfortable for me OR the baby because i still had to hold his head and he looks all crooked being folded in the sling. Granted, it did lift like half the weight off plus no wriggling. But because i just fed and changed him, it was a comfortable ride as he slept on...

But towards the end of dinner, he started crying!! Feeding Time!! Oh God.. i was soo clueless at how to do it. Pro-Slingers are all saying we can do it while babe is in the sling. But the truth is... its VERY Diff.. ok.. its my first time after all. It was sooo uncomfortable and "kekok" even baby got agitated and cried n cried n cried. Its a no wonder cos he kept "losing" the milk with the awkward position and it was soooo damn hot under so many layers the sling was visibly wet with his sweat! Really!

We finished dessert quickly and left. My arm was aching already and i still havent buttoned up. We left the maid to Q for cab then we tried to find the nearest toilet to adjust everything. But it was soooo freaking far i cldnt walk anymore! So i settled for the nearest staircase. Poor Syifaa' got frightened by the ventilation noise. TO be honest, i was too. But i was sooo desperate!

Got back to the Q almost just nice for our turn. Thank God Ly offered to carry Tufeil cos i really cldnt take it anymore. She even hid the babe under the tudung panjang because it was late and there are "trees" around.

We reached home 11.20pm.

Quite traumatic for me, it was. But hey... we've got to start somewhere huh.

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9 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

ok pro-slinger speaking :) heh.

it gets easier with time babe! as with everything else in motherhood :) i had alot of practice feeding baby in the sling with guests around at home, so by the time i went out, i was not so kekok (awkward) but it was still tough! and it will continue to be until baby gets abit bigger and can latch on (and stay latched on!) with little help. for me that was around 2months. but i still have to find a quiet corner/staircase/dressing room to latch him on first before continuing my shopping or meal out.

interrupted meals out are part and parcel of a new parent's life! heh. soon enough you won't even be bothered by it, and will just take it in your stride. i find it helps to observe baby's early signs of thirst/hunger ('Umar kicks and fuss) and feed him asap before he starts crying cos once he does, (a) he will attract attention, making it impossible to feed discreetly and (b) it will be very hard for him to latch on.

btw which sling did you buy? the colour is gorgeous but the material looks very hot? i find the momsinmind sateen range the most comfy for me and baby... its softer than the cotton range and easier to care for than the silk range.

btw cute sneak! can't wait to see more pics!

Jussaemon said...

Hey babe Thanks so much for the insights and tips!

and i HAVE been trying it on again and yes its getting easier! and will next try feeding with it on at HOME.

The sling is my sis'. The tag says its momsinmind and material is satin i think. *shrug*

and i am sooo going to take into account the feed before he fidgets cos i notice its like that also.

widzgeek said...

They say that we should feed a baby when he shows he's upset. Crying because of hunger is the last stage. So try to kasi before he cries terribly.. But sometimes I pun feed him after he cries.. hehe..

I realise that the satin range banyak kaler garang. The one I have is the cotton range. It's comfortable. However, butterfly's satin is the only one i've seen in neutral. The rest all are the 'garang' colours.

It's not easy either to feed when he's in it. Esp. when they can't latch on independently. You'll lose the grip when you let go. It's true nak kena practice. Goes the same with me!

nadia said...

Thanks for the sneak peak, Jus. He's adorable, MashaAllah :)

PS: I've been waiting forever for his pictures, hehe.

erin said...

Awww masha'Allah masha'Allah so cute :)

Jussaemon said...

more pictures will be up on Wed insya'Allah *wink*

Khair... oops salah my sling is silk rupenyer.

Nisa AK said...

From what little I can see, Tufeil looks all grown up now!! Mashallah. When shall we meet? :P

Jussaemon said...

Anytime u say babe.. im free always. :P

Anonymous said...

Jus N Nisa, do include me too. He..he...