4 Generations Outing

Sun, 24th May 09

The Simei Gang wanted to pile up their miles on their brand new car before they can drive more than 80kmh, so we decided to go out sightseeing.

Nenek and Tufeil
Hairiah, i LOVE this romper you bought us.

Syifaa' shldn't be excluded.
So we went to fetch my grandma first. Then we travelled to their old village at Stevens Road.

Only now its become an expensive landed property area

Back in the 60s, it used to flood very often here.

Stopped by at Ba'Alwi for Zohr. Two babies asleep.

Now's lunchtime. We wanted to eat somewhere air conditioned (weather was unforgivingly HOT), wheelchair friendly and some place Nenek hasnt been to. So we ended up at Vivocity.

Yayan and Nenek eating at The Chicken Rice Shop.

Syifaa' being fed from baby chair.

While i try to feed myself with baby on the carrier in front.
Quite successful w just a drop of chilli on Tufeil's arms.
He slept most of the time.

The whole day i had only been carrying him. Its only when we went to vivo that i used this Mothercare carrier. It was my first time and i really didnt know how to adjust. So first thing after we parked, i went to Mothercare outlet (thank god they had one there!) and asked the sales personnel to adjust it for me. haha went there just for that. But of course i cldnt resist taking the opportunity to shop a bit.

After that, we stopped by at the brand new mosque Al Mawaddah @ Sengkang for Asr.

Tufeil, Syifaa' and me were all in Red.

Then we visited "Aunty" Sarina the Jap girl.

Tufeil didnt last 5min in this basket before he cried n i fed him.
We were only there for 30min, 90% of the time i was in the room feeding the babe. Didn't even get to drink =(

I am soo amused by this Kerokerokeroppi's baby stool. It looks soooo tiny besides "Uncle Ben"

But just nice for Syifaa' n Baby Sarina to sit on.

It was maghrib when we reached Kak Ly's new house which is two blocks away. I contemplated going home because i felt soooooooooooooooooo drop dead tired. But firstly, i didnt wanna be left alone and then thinking i shld get my dinner there, so i went along. Ended up, we stayed till like 10pm!!

All in all, quite traumatic esp the putting up carrier part @ the shopping center and bearing with the heat. But thankfully Baby's feeding timing coincide with our travelling in car moments or in the house so it was quite comfortable... but i had no rest at all. When my sisters asked me why are you so tired, i couldnt even begin to describe to them how. Maybe they tot im just weak? humph :P

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3 glasses of Juice:

Nisa AK said...

That looked like a lot of fun though i can imagine must be very tiring! Babe, u and tufeil looking gud ;) mA

'azma said...

JuS, did your father tell you I was at Mawaddah too? We prayed in the family room...sebabtu tak jumpa awak...hehe

Jussaemon said...

Yeah mah he did! was wondering how come i didnt see u upstairs... so.. they have family room eh... cutenye...

SO funny i was asking u about vivocity earlier and then we met at the other end of the island!