Tufeil's New Toy

7th May 09

Zubair has been mentioning to buy a buai / baby swing for Tufeil because he's tired of rocking the baby to sleep every time.

And so Last thurs, he bought this Glider and its SUPER NICE.

There's a mirror and colourful animals hanging on top

You can also adjust the speed of the gliding motion
There's music on this thing too with 3 diff sorts of environment: play, Sleep and Nature

Let's see if this video works.

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5 glasses of Juice:

nurhairiah said...

hehe...sama mcm shauqy punya...

Nisa AK said...

thats so cute! but the speed adjustment kinda made my imagination go wild. can u imagine if some naughty kid increase the speed like in the movies? lolz.

Jussaemon said...

oh sama eh? but even then at night he refuses to sit in it preferring human touch

Jussaemon said...

siow ah u nisa

Nisa AK said...

sorry ah, just kidding :P