First Separation!!

Thursday 23/4

One more day to go before the D&D. I have lotsa things to do in preparation for a NIce NIght Out!!

So i sneaked out to Causeway Point at 3pm after expressing and feeding the babe. Told Zubair i'd be back around5pm and that there's milk thawed out by the sink and another one in the fridge just in case.

I did Mani and Pedi. That took slightly more than 1hour!

After that, the plan was to survey a few places to research on Stretch marks lightening packages. First i visited Leonard & Drake as it was just next to the nail parlour.

And i bought the package straight away! Ok not really straight away. She explained it to me for like 10min before i signed. It was within, and in fact, slightly below my budget at $960 and i would get 9 sessions!

At this point, Zubair told me to get home soon as he needs to go out. And i hurried thru the next essential task and skipped some other trivial errand.

I quickly went to Mothercare to get the membership as we've accumulated the necessary amount. And i picked up a Cooler Bag to store my expressed breast milk tmrw at the D&D! Haha thank god i consulted the Well of Info Butterflyrubrics about EBM. Otherwise i could have ended up dumping the pumped liquid. BOOHOOHOO.

Was supposed to:

  1. Buy Shoes
  2. Buy Lens
  3. Buy T-shirt for home (all very outdated already not to mention BAGGY)
  4. Pay Bill
  5. Borrow books

GRRR... and now this Ash is saying i can't buy lens from her so tmrw DIE DIE i hafta go Causeway Point again before i get ready to go D&D. Cause if wore make up already, can't put in the lens, my eyes will water and ruin the make up. Aiyah so leceh! HUMPH @ Ash.

I reached home at 5:30pm. and quickly took the baby to me and cuddled him. I cldnt nurse him as Z already warmed the 2nd packet of EBM.

Babytalked with Tufeil asking, "Did u miss mummy?" And THEN it hit me. This is the FIRST ever moment we've ever been apart (after his discharge of course)! All these while i had been within an arm's reach. Before this, even when i was out, it was with the baby and for HIS appointments. Ohhh my poor baby.

Second realisation slapped me in the face, I MISSED HIM too!!! When i went out from the house and was doing the mani pedi, i was delirious - high with happiness, like an escaped caged animal. haha. But when i reached home and looked at him, i jsut wldnt let him go for missing him for the 2.5hrs we were apart.


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1 glasses of Juice:

Ashley said...

Oi... to be fair to me, I did reason out why I can't let you buy my LAST pair of lenses. Hmmphh...