3rd Poly Check Up for Baby

Tues, 28th Apr

Baby's due for 2nd Hep B Immunisation jab. It's also a follow up Check up for his jaundice.

Good news. His jaundice was just 23. (4 weeks ago it was 117) I asked the doctor if there's gonna be another appt for his 1month check up but she said no as she's already examined the baby. So i asked her then, what are all these... dots / spots all over his body esp on the thighs and head. Upon inspection, she said it's eczema. Because i have history of asthma, baby would be proned to itchiness, flu and stuffs. Hmmm

She just advised to not wrap him up too often. Give the skin some air. and NOT to use powder.

I wanted to ask her too why the baby kept making this wheezing noises as though he is suffocating. But i dont think i explained it well cos i used the word choking instead of suffocating and so she told me maybe the baby was just greedy when drinking milk and to just pat his back.

Next was the Nursing Room for the injection. Tufeil was a good boy. But because it was already feeding time, he cried n cried n cried. The nurse was the one who felt bad and apologised for taking so long but because it was our first jab, she had to explain the procedures and the diff programs available.

Progress @ Week 5:

- Weight 4kg (Up 1kg)

- Length 56cm (up 6cm!!!)

WOW. Masya'Allah.

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4 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

my daughter makes those wheezing sounds too and sounds chesty especially at night. initially i thought she had some probs with her lungs because her chest xray at birth wasnt very clear. but d paediatrician said its bcoz babies are still too young to know how to manage their saliva, so the saliva kinda gets collected near the throat area n they end up making these sounds. and it sounds worse when they are sleepy. wallahu A'lam.


Jussaemon said...

oh wow really!? Thanks Kak Adik... u dont know what a heavy worry u've lifted off my chest

Sandra said...

Oh, thank you for sharing a baby pic finally. Why the wait for 40 days? Just curious... Both momma and baby look like you are doing beautifully, a natural and you were so worried about not knowing what to do. Sounds like you have great support from family and friends.

What do you mean by "trees" in earlier post? Is that slang for baby snatchers? I hope not!

My niece-in-law is due any moment now, being 80% effaced last Thursday. New life is sooo exciting.


Jussaemon said...

Hmmm if its not a tradition then i think the 40days was the prophet's practice.

U r right Sandra.. i was soo worried but turned out maternal instinct tookover. in light of tt, i shld not worry too much of the future also.. things shld go naturally.

Hmm re the "trees" lets just say its not a HUMAN baby snatchers.

Yeah only after having exp pregnancy n birth myself that i become excited when others are too!