I'm A Big Boy Now!

Sun, 17th May 09.

I was dragged awake by Mum @ 8am in the freaking morning to finally make our way to Crescent Clinic to circumcise our Dear Tufeil.

We reached there around 9:30am and in less than 30min we were on the way home! The procedure took less than 5min.

We brought in the baby. Doctor asked if he's had any medical condition / history such as heart disease bla bla bla... and how old was he. He was being put on the operating table. There was some deposits on the diaper and the doc was in such a hurry that he said nevermind just fold it. But i did give them a clean one and they changed him afterwards.

Then I was just about to take out my hp to snap a picture when we were BOTH shooed out of the room. Damn! I suppose it was for the best, because if any of us were to hold him, we sure would go all jittery. I definitely will get a jelly leg and didnt intend to look let alone HOLD him.

In the meantime, the nurse at the counter called me and showed me a picture of how it should look like. And gave me the prescribed painkiller. 1.5ml of paracetamol every 6hours. She told us to come back 2 days later for a follow up check up and gave emergency numbers to call after office hours. Made payment of $85.

He cried but braved thru the procedure

The first 12hrs was a nightmare!

When we reached home some 45min later, he started crying non-stop. I called the doctor. Oh I was supposed to give him the painkiller now and not 6hours after. I mean, C'mon i tot the doc already gave him.

He took a nap. When he woke up crying the house down, my parents have already gone to a wedding. Thank God Ash was home to help me soothe him n took turns to have our lunch.

He was SUPER cranky. And i realise i dont know NUTS about taking care of circumcised boys! Like i noticed the nurse didnt strap the diaper properly. Was that on purpose or they were just lazy/in a rush? Can he sleep on his tummy? Can i carry him over my shoulder or wld it hurt?

God! All these Qns and being cranky and alone really not a good mix man. If i knew, i wldnt agree to having it done so EARLY in the morning and on a day that my parents won't be at home much! Altho to be fair, my mum wldnt know any more than i do as she's never taken care of a boy before but it helps having a confident person around.

Next dose at 4pm were 2hours away and we were getting anxious. Mummy is still not due back but i begged them to come at 4pm to help feed the baby his medicine. I'm such a scaredety (however u spell it?) cat im scared even to syringe in medicine to the babe's mouth.

He was cranky ALL night i had to make a couple of calls to 'Azma to ask what's wrong and what shld we do. She deduced that Tufeil just needs to be comforted since he still feeds normally (in between cries though) and yes i should loosen the diaper a bit but no i cannot increase the dosage on my own. haha

His 3rd dose of paracetamol was at 11pm. at 12midnight he was still crying despite the endless feeding i gave him. So i decided to call the doctor. (He sounded like he was at a party. LOL!)

Doc: Is it swollen?

Me: Hmmm not really. It looks so but we can't be sure. (We asked Ayah earlier but he said its normal)

Doc: Is it bleeding?

Me: Hmmm there are a few drops of blood on the diaper.

He also concluded that he just wanted to be comforted and told ME to calm down but if i'm anxious, the baby will be too. Right after i hung up, Tufeil was sleeping soundly on Mummy's chest and that's how he slept till 4hours later.

Tues, 19th May 09 - Day of Check Up

Mummy and i took the cab down all the way to Eunos for the check up. Just two pple in front of us. We were called in soon after and were asked to put baby down for inspection. He took a peek for barely 2 seconds and snapped, "ok good. the ring will drop off in 3 - 5 days' time."

Me: What's the yellow yellow thing above the ring? Is it a thread?

Doc: No there's no thread. that's part of the ring which like i said will come off in 3 - 5 days' time

Mummy: Then the painkiller...?

Doc: You can stop already.

It's not how i imagined it to be at all! I need some discussion, feedback about my babies' condition! Why is he in such a hurry and dismissed us so? I know you are an expert and have been doing it for so many years (even for my friend's husband who's now.. what? 30?).. but i think its just that. He's tired of playing doctor.

Sorry friends who've been there. But this exp left me quite dissatisfied. Next time, im gonna go for somebody a bit younger. No pun intended.

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7 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

hi juls, sorry i should have warned you, knowing what an anxious new mommy you are :) he IS a very no nonsense doctor. and you would understand why; cos we first time parents are so unnecessarily anxious sometimes. for the price you pay, you can't expect private hospital service and attentiveness lah. I guess what was impt to me is that the doc is skilled, experienced, and charges fairly. most other places will bill you $50 for the follow-up consultation.

I also put in an emergency call to him on Umar's 4th day I think, cos the wound looked swollen. he told me its normal, but if I'm worried, bring Umar in. And I did. He took a quick 3sec look, and said its normal, the ring will drop off later that day. and it did :) again, he didn't charge us, but he also didn't smile or say bye!

Nicbabey said...

May i know which doctor you went to? There's two doctors i know in Eunos who does this circumcision thingy.. :)

Anonymous said...


hello there, you're staying at woodlands right? why didnt you consider dr zailan at Yishun? his charges are about there too and he's very gentle.

he isn't exactly friendly either but the nurse and uncles helping out with the circumcision sorta makes up for that. so insyaAllah, in future, if u have another boy consider dr zailan ya. it's nearer to your place too, so that makes it easier.

Jussaemon said...

there's only 1 doc at tt clinic.

yeah very no nonsdense lol.

partly its my fault also i hvnt made enough research to arm myself .

Mrs Umer Shah f.k.a Ms Sue said...

lol at least he has u to wait outside... i watched the whole thing and then pengsan! better dun watch!

Jussaemon said...

ok ill keep that in mind. That is if i have another boy and IF i still live in the north area and if Dr Zailan is still in practice then. LOL

Jussaemon said...

Yeah Sue i totally remembered ur exp.. tt's why i didnt intend to watch but wanted to at least be near him and not separated by a door!