I was not Dedicated, Now I'm not Ready

Wed 13th May 09

I got a call from the office to ask where is the Year 2007 spreadsheet for a certain report i've made for Paris bosses. I told them it should be in those folders lah but they couldn't find the one that is as at 31st Dec 08 but only the one in Oct 08.

Hmmm i can't really rectify the issue when its not really in front of me. But I also told them that i always make the report based on the current data as opposed to the previous report. It would be more accurate and up to date and they should take it from there too. No can't do. Die die gotta have the soft copy of the previous report. If they really want the EXACT same sheet, why dont just colour scan it? Won't make no difference, otherwise just analyse from the current data lah. I suspect she doesnt know how to n would rather input new info manually.

In any case, i offered to come down and take a look since its so urgent for Paris boss. Besides, I wanna bring my son to the office too since not many of them have seen Tufeil yet.

Fikir punye fikir punye fikir... Alamak macam leceh lah..(after much thought... i tot its a bit troublesome).. What if i hafta longer in the office and baby needs feeding and changing? I can't bring just the sling, and if he sleeps, he won't have nowhere to lie down. I can't bring the stroller cos i dont know how to fold it in when i get into the cab. So many problems lah.

In the end, i had to disappoint them by not coming. They just hafta manage with what they've got. Besides, I have also given them alternative ways of doing it.

A week later, I e-mailed my boss. I said, "While i'm eager to start work and see the progress of EPI book, at the same time i feel i'm not ready yet. I would like to extend my maternity leave till end of June ie 10days and start on 1st July"

I feel i'm not ready because the babe still refuses to sleep till 1 - 2am... with the hour running up to bedtime he would be sooo cranky and require comfort sucking every hour. I cannot imagine how i could manage that if i've started work already. I hope 2 more weeks would make some sort of diff and from now till then, the babe would settle into a more manageable routine. (Amen)

Boss replied back and said, "Noted your leave extension. I'll be on leave for a month from1 st - 31st July. So you will have that time to settle into work."

First reaction was: Hoorayy!! no pressure to clean up whatever mess there would be.
Second reaction: Oh no.. what if i got a lot of questions to ask in order to clear that mess?

Oh well... the most imp thing is my leave has been extended!

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1 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

You didnt take 4mths straight eh Ca? Nampaknya we'll start work ard the same time huh... hehe