7-8 weeks' Progress

  1. He can finally wear his 0 - 3 months clothes!!!! Suddenly i have so many to choose from and the basic white vests get neglected...
  2. Now that there's so many clothes, i started to change him into nightwear when i top and tail him in the evening (between 9 - 10pm) consisting of long sleeves and long pants.
  3. I hafta say i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE rompers and bodysuits. so easy to wear and to burp baby in (the shirt doesnt move)!
  4. Finally sleeps thru the night 4 - 5hrs and slowly sleeping earlier n earlier... it used to be 3am now if im lucky he could sleep at 12mn (pattern started from the painkiller dose)
  5. Felt safe enough to put him in the stroller and baby carrier but find it diff to cajole him to lie in sling
  6. He permanently sleeps on the bed with me but so far still manage to refuse to let the cot be just another storage space. LOL (Let's see how long that will go on)
  7. Mum who hadnt showered him for a month noticed how much he's grown
  8. Yot and other relatives noted that he is not afraid of people and that he loves for pple to play (agah2) with him. Also that his neck is very strong.
  9. He yawns and stretches like me.
  10. He had his first nail cut at 6 weeks but i still put on his mittens on and off and esp at night cos im afraid he might still scratch his precious cute chubby (masya'Allah) face.

Hmmm my blog nowadays seems to be about nothing else but my precious baby. I can't tell you how surreal this all still is to me. Sometimes when i feed him i still think, "Do i really already have my own child?!" I cant believe i gave birth to this being altho he's in front of my eyes now

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