Yot The Nenek

Last Sat, 9th May 09

Mummy suddenly told me she was thinking of bringing Tufeil to see his great grandmother and i jumped at the idea. My grandmother hasn't seen her 2nd great granchild yet and i imagine its a big deal to her. I still remember this conversation i overheard about a year ago at a wedding between my grandma and her peers. "Ini cicit kita. Awak dah ada cicit? OH belum?" (This is my great granddaughter. Do you have any yet? Oh no?)

Plus she's not very well to travel to us so its only fair that WE go to HER. Also, i feel like im her favouritest grandchild cos she always seem extra happy to see me. :P to my cousins if they're reading this. hehehe

Very unfortunate that i forgot to take any picture cos we were rather occupied lah.

The one cute thing that happened that will forever be etched in my mind is that Syifaa', who was also with us, called out to my mum, "Nenek!" and MY grandma also said, "Yes?" No, we all still can't picture our nenek to be a Yot, neither could she esp when she still has very young grandchildren like Sarina (The Japanese mix girl).

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