Fri, 22nd May

It was almost a shame to stop giving Tufeil the paracetamol because he was sleeping so soundly at night. LOL! (I was that desperate)

Thursday, 4th day, Mummy helped me to bathe him because im too scared too. Since Mummy said that bathing would help the healing process (Now she say!!) i woke up early (at 8am) esp so mum could do the honours and so it would be justified to give him a full fledged afternoon bath as opposed to just top and tailing (lap lap).

And so the ring came off Friday morning. Before that i can see how Butterflyrubrics said it looked a bit swollen but it was just the ring detaching itself from the skin partially.

Later in the afternoon during a nappy change, I tot i saw my baby winced or startled as i opened the soiled diaper. A few seconds later, there was some blood from its tip!!! But since he didn't cry i tot i'd just let it be see how it goes.

Now its already Sunday and its still bleeding on and off. Macam melecet gitu. So im gonna send him to the doc today. Im contemplating between going to Raffles Medical (bcos its easier to go) or to Polyclinic where newborns / babies get priority. Probably the latter.

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