Photos of Tufeil!

Click on my multiply link below to see a host of my baby's photos.

My Multiply

At Birth

Less than 12hrs old

1month old - At Poly for 2nd dose of Hep B Immunisation

Finally, huh!

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3 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

mashallah beautiful! good share!

nadia said...

MashaAllah! Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful pictures of baby Tufeil.

Sandra said...

He is beautiful, I want to kiss his toes. NOBODY better snatch him! i hope that is not a common occurrence there. Here, we are still waiting for my niece-in-law to have baby Elizabeth. She was 80% effaced last Thursday and still no baby! She even tried a bumpy tractor ride yesterday to encourage the baby to come out. Thank you for sharing the experience with the world...