What Do U Do If You Get Mysterious Money?

I have been on a VERY SUPER TIGHT budget this month.

How tight? $5 to last me these 2 days this Sat. IF my cousins come for class, i will get salary, insya'Allah.

I made a silly mistake of buying an air freshener that looks something like this:

which costed me almost $50 after pampering myself of $150 worth. But the latter cannot be avoided... It was a neccessity that i've planned and been saving for ages!

Oh Then i bought a $70 dress for Eid then a few days later another $70 on Z's shalwar kameez. These are also essential. We wanted to find something cheaper of course but $70 is considered SUPER DIRT CHEAP if you buy from "boutiques". Somebody i know wanted to buy a $300 baju kurung or something and asked her mum to foot the bill?! In my mind, my jaw dropped to the floor!

To top it all off, the Ramadhan Bazaar has started and i couldn't resist to buy that little something for break fast.

from $2 for 5 pcs of cempedak goreng (fried jackfruit)

to 4pcs of Keropok Lekor (Fish Cracker) @ $1

To 10pcs for $3 Otak-otak (Grilled Fish paste in Leaves)

To assortments of Malay Sweet Kuihs mostly 6 items for $2.

hahah I went a bit off course there. Sorry but i simply LOVE food! LOL

Anyways... I was ready to face the impending gloom of not being able to afford to go bazaar for the next two days.

Then, just for the fun of it, i checked my account balance via PhoneBanking but the balance didnt sound like what it's supposed to. I quickly logged on to Internet Banking and noticed that i've received $73 from NTUC!

But ... what is it for? Shares? If im not wrong their shares are normally worth just a few dollars between $10 - $20. Plus i havent received any letters to reflect this which i normally would. Rebates from buying groceries at the supermarket? Usually they would need a formal submission to cash out rebates.

Coincidentally, my dad gave me some money also so now i can breathe much easier Alhamdulillah.

Anyways, the Question is... Should i call NTUC and ask what's the money for? Or do i just use it in the sly? What if i ask and its not mine? I'd hafta return it na? No No No... That's not good. LOL

Then should i feel guilty for breaking fast outside (not at home)? But but but... baby wants to eat that popiah at QI JI!!! He he heeee... :D *wink*

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12 glasses of Juice:

Fahim's Blog said...

Sister Julissa,
Again your big brother feels like smashing something on your head. After so many warnings that you have to manage your expenses well, you are doing exactly the opposite of it. Now it is time for you to delegate management of your finances to someone else. It will no one other than your dad or mother whom you should ask to do it for you. Open a separate bank account in their name and transfer all of your salary to their account and ask them to give you the 'pocket money' you need. They will be saving your money on your behalf. It is a bitter pill but like as they say for every disease you need to take bitter medicine and that is your medicine.

As for the NTUC funds you got. Do not return it them! They owe you and everyone else alot more than that. But this money does not belong to you or in other words you do not need it as much as little Raiyan Shafiq, who needs every single extra dollar we have in our pockets so that he can get well and be a joyful baby. You can ask how to transfer that money by sending email to his aunt at

If you were to get hold of these $73 they will be gone in no time and yes, baby needs healthy food which is more readily available at home than at hawker centre!

fooi said...

Drink water enough.. :) Human can survive without foods. ;)

Anonymous said...

I have to agree wif fahim abt the finance management. I was a spender when I was single and I did what fahim suggested...give a portion to that savings acct wif my mum's name. my mum keeps the atm card as well. I use the remaining money to spend and pay my bills.

as for hawker food or whatnots, theres nothing wrong of julissa to spend her money on that. shes preggy, for god's sake. just 9 mths for her to indulge in food that she feels like eating. I must admit it gets boring to eat at home sometimes and you need a change especially now you can get a variety of food. hehe. im guilty too. *I want my dendeng!!* of course, everything must have a moderation lor. ;)

MOE said...

I was just monkeying around with my Blogs settings and wanted to know if it was ok for me to put a link to your blog on my blog?

Abid said...

What is the availability of halal food in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

abid, aplenty. we're spoilt for choice actually. from chinese to western to mediterranean.

Jussaemon said...

Fahim BHai,

Alamak no need to get violent lah. heheh Pls dont worry. By Dec Insya'Allah i will have more than enough for the baby and future.

Jussaemon said...

Moe: Sure go ahead. Helps to get more traffic in =)

Abid: You can say access to Halal food in Singapore is pretty easy. Most fast food restaurants such as McDonalds, KFC, Long John Silver and Burger King are halal. Unfortunately Subway, Mos Burger and others are not :(

If at the hawker centre, There are a lot of muslim stalls serving Malay and Indian cuisines.

However, i would say high end western / international dining are still not widely available.(i actually made a short research..) out of 50 odd 4 star hotels and above in Singapore, only 2 are certified Halal. But there are a few others that have halal kitchens but are not certified so bcos they still serve alcohol beverages.

Anonymous said...

why would a non-sg want to eat international cuisine in hotels or fastfood like subway? you can get those in your countries. I think our hawker food is much, much nicer and cheaper..yum!

Jussaemon said...

Oh i was just stating the facts of how easy or not easy it is to get Halal food in singapore in general.

I WOULD recommend foreigners to try local stuffs, esp Bee Cheng Hiang! LOL

Fahim's Blog said...

May be I was having a bad day and poor you became the victims. By the way we guys, also sometimes get affected by hormones, albeit imaginary ones :P~~ I hope you did not take it too hard..

Apologies if it hurt, but I just could not hold myself writing it.


Jussaemon said...

Fahim Bhai,

That's very nice and unegoistic of you to have written such. Not many or any guys would and could do that =)

No grudges held. Im quite resilient when it comes to this kinda thing