11 Best Friends Iftar Gathering

Granted only 9 could make it last night. 1 is staying in Melbourne at the moment while another is up studying in KL, M'sia and cldn't get back at the alotted time.

Even then, it's no easy feat to get everybody together esp because one of the husbands work shift while another one is "shared with the community", He's a popular Ustaz (religious teacher), you see, in extreme high demand esp in Ramadhan.

I didnt take any pictures cos i know even if i take, dont think the rest would like their faces up in my now geographically widely read blog.

The location is the extreme west end of the island, Jurong West. One of our friend's own abode. Me and Z just realised that the last time we were in Jurong was for their wedding in Nov last yr! LOL

Food were aplenty. But not really overflowing. So that's good. Host made Shepherd's pie. Somebody called in Pizza which came much earlier before the owner. There were also Banana Fritters and Apam Balik. Another Mummy friend cooked Fried macaroni.

Me? I promised to bring them beloved Keropok Lekor and Otak2. This is where the complication starts. The bazaar im familiar with is at Woodlands of course, but its not convenient to go up north from my office then travel to the west. Esp when Z was also coming from East. Its more direct to go east to west on the Green Line.

I even thought it's easier to go to Geylang Bazaar first! But after confirming exact location of a bazaar in Jurong itself, i was finally confident to go there. Plan is to alight at Lakeside, take the bus to the bazaar about 4 stops away. then take the cab to the hostess place and possibly pick up Z at nearby mrt station.

Mixed feelings when i arrived at the Bazaar. NO OTAK2 NO LEKOR! = disappointment. SO MANY KUIHS / SWEETS = Happiness!! I didnt wanna buy kuih though as i tot others mentioned about buying them also so i ended up getting Char kway (Yummyyy!!) and Roti Boyan. I dont know why i went and bought rice + 3 dishes of Squid, beef lung and chicken. Costed me $7. but still havent eaten till today!

Me and Z reached there like almost 7:30pm. But only half had arrived anyways.

The house is very nice and modern. But the hostess kept apologising for it not being properly done yet. Alahhh as long as it's comfy lah Fit.

At first i was afraid that Z would be terribly bored. But he showed a lot of initiatives in starting a conversation with the other guys. I suppose the presence of 3 babies also help to reduce tension / boredom. But at one point, he got sleepy lah.

We girls are.... a whirlwind as usual when we get together. So many things to talk about to so many pple. So many distractions and this time MAJOR ones too. The mothers had to change the babies' nappies lah feed them rock them. We ended up lounging in one of the rooms for privacy. Really cannot imagine how it would have been if we had met OUTSIDE instead of somebody's place. And cannot imagine how it would be when it's my turn to nurse baby. Hmmmm Stressed already!

Tho Nan wasnt around, we managed to talk to her online via webcam! So she got to see the babies all at one go.

We also managed to confirm our Group Eid Visiting for Sat, 18th Oct and/or Sun 26th Oct.

So funny lah the scene. 3 mothers, 3 fathers, 3 babies and 2 preggers. I wonder how the scene would look like next year's IFtar? Toddlers running around? two infants. Maybe more husbands? heh heh hehhhh :D

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