Second Trimester!!!

Amidst the drama of non-action, i totally forgot that as of last Tues, i'm officially in my 2nd trimester!!!

Ok round up of the first trimester:

1. Didnt even vomit a single time
2. Did feel giddy 2 - 3 times. (one being after reading in the train)
3. i cried ALL THE TIME!!
4. Missed Folic acid quite a lot, like a total of 15 days? Now also i stopped eating. Lazy & tired of popping pills.
5. Havent done any scans nor heard heartbeat.
6. Havent gained nor lost any weight.
7. Sometimes felt like my heart stopped when i sujud / procrastinate in prayer.
8. Disliked fish esp steamed ones and anything bland / non-spicy.

Now i read that this is time of rapid growth of the baby, the cervix will move higher up in the tummy and will begin to portrude and show itself.

Im torn between feeling embarassed if the tummy shows during Eid visits and between actually WANTING pple to know im pregnant. Esp bcos this will be the stage where pple think, "Is she pregnant or is she just fat?"

Zubair told me to get hmm some maternity wear. But im not so keen actually. Well maybe bcos Eid is coming and expenses will be high this month. Also the fact that i would only be wearing it for a few months turn me off. Esp since maternity clothes cost a bomb! Remember that maternity pants i bought at $70 during an emergency back then?

Ok maybe for tops, ill just buy the extra loose ones that can be unconscpicuously worn while not pregnant. But one thing's for sure, i'll be needing at least another 3 pairs of pants. cos some feels tight already!!! my favourite ones too! Boohoohoo... Alternative will be drawstring pants where waist is adjustable so can be worn after giving birth as well. But Giordano's cutting for drawstring pants are rather narrow in the hips lah. I'm BIG and am just gonna get BIGGER. GRRRR

I'm also hoping that weekly check ups wont start till in the new year bcos I DONT HAVE ANYMORE MEDICAL LEAVE!!! not even a single day and i hafta take my annual leave of balance 2 days taken in halves for the rest of the year. HUMPH! I soooo begrudge somebody for putting me on medical leave for 10 solid days.

I sooo wanna start going to the gym again. Must stay Fit in pregnancy. But but but..... the gym is soooooooooooooooooooooo far away now and the walk to Chinatown involves A LOT of construction i can't be bothered. I hope Boss will change gym soon!!

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2 glasses of Juice:

farrah said...

get some punjabi suits from little india :) comfy for work. it's top plus drawstring pants bottoms and u can get the longsleeve ones also.. the cotton ones very comfy and quite cheap 1 suit about $30

Jussaemon said...

Yeah Farrah... Am waiting for some to be delivered from my MIL....