4th Day of Fasting

Alhamdulillah, i have completed 3 days of Fast. But i hafta tell you it's not easy.

Every minute, im thinking about food. And then i summon imaginary stomach cramp to qualify for break fast. LOL

Oklah maybe im not so much hungry as im thirsty!! It's worst when my nose is blocked and i lose moisture when i hafta breathe thru my mouth. Yucks.

The most trying part is the lethargy. For the past 2 days, i've been taking 1hr nap during lunch, so i feel a bit energised when i wake up and forgot about the hunger pang that occurs from 10am. LOL When Asr comes, i would be jumping for joy already cos its almost knock off time = near reaching home time = near breaking fast time!! haha I've been counting down the hour with my sister online each time.

In the house, it is considered unlawful to not fast even when you have the perfect excuse not to ie pregnant. Of course lah its better to do it and gain the thawab also so i wont hafta repay so much later on but in islam, there are also .... i cant remember whats the Arabic term right now, but something to mean laws to ease the burden of Muslims. It's there to make our life simpler and not begrudge the practitioners into retaliation = sins. Besides, La Ikraha Fid Deen.

Sighh... In any case im trying my best lah. See until when i can cope.

I salute pple who look forward to Ramadhan and declare as much. Because for me, a person who LOVES food and sleep, its tough, esp the waking up at 5am part. Even then, i just wake up to eat, dont even hafta cook. Can't imagine how it is when i hafta do my own cooking. CRY CRY

But of course we look forward to the multiplying of virtues for every lil bit of good deeds u do. I also look forward to the $ saved from not having lunch. Altho i tend to spend almost $10 at the bazaar!!! Cannot go often!

Hahah my points are all over the place.

Oh yeah another thing is, every Ramadhan, i make it a point to clean my wardrobe for the impending Eid. Which doesnt make sense if i tire easily in this month, right? But it must be done! YEah! *psyching myself*

Can't wait for the weekend to go to Geylang! Food! Oh Glorious Food!

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1 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

Salaam Caca,

If I'm not wrong, it is wajib to fast in Ramadhan for pregnant women who are healthy and do not have any cause to worry for the baby. However, it becomes optional when the pregnant woman has valid reasons to fear for her health or her baby's if she continues to fast.

Wallahu A'lam.

K. Adik