BISKUT NESTUM!!! Rough Recipe Included

As requested, here are the recipes:

1. Honey Cornflakes available at this entry

2. Biskut Nestum. Biskut = biscuit / cookies....

My 1st sister and i finally got around to do some baking Monday night. We made a mistake of not thawing the butter earlier so we could only start at 9pm... then the blender refused to work so we had to pull out the old one... we finished everything by 12:30am!!!

This recipe is courtesy of my dear sister... who actually got it from our aunty but she adjusted the nestum : flour ratio a bit to get a nice texture. Makes about 4.5 trays full. Usually would be enough for whole of Eid celebration for us... well we dont really receive so many guests.


400gm Butter

2 Eggs

1 cup Caster Sugar

1/2 tsp vanilla essence

3 cups Nestum (estimated)

4 cups Plain Flour (estimated)

Enough Egg Yolk

Topping of choice


1. Thaw Butter!!!

2. Mix butter, egg, sugar, vanilla essence together one at a time.

3. Add nestum and mix bit by bit. Then the flour.

We started to mix by hand when the mixture got heavy to be blended by the machine. Plus we got to feel the texture directly. This is the part where you hafta make a judgement and add either nestum or flour so the dough will hold. Flour will make it harder while Nestum gives more taste and weight but not so hard.

4. Roll the dough to about 1cm thick and press against your favourite metal/steel hmm... what u call it.... shape? LOL Our pattern of choice is the crescent.

5. Spread egg yolk on top and sprinkle your desired topping. Thousand and Ones or Chocolate rice or some stars even!

6. We baked for 12 - 15min in 150 degree celcius.

7. Cool and store!

8. MUNCH!!!

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1 glasses of Juice:

sidra naim said...

wow, looks good.. :D
i never managed to bake cookies before raya..
i dont know why >>;;

am glad you take the time to bake though! *salutes*