Constipation is Back w a Vengeance

After a bout of Constipation in my early pregnancy, it suddenly cleared up without me doing anything. But the timing changed from every morning to every evening.

With the fasting month here, i only go maybe once in 2 days.

I dont remember going to the loo last Sat.

Sun night i tried to go but very little came out.

Mon i spent 20min in the office toilet. I felt like crying. I tried washing that worked the last time but to no avail. Funnily when i took off my jacket, it worked somehow. BUT still very little. I kept the rest in and didnt wanna think about it.

Tuesday I still didnt think about it so didn't go.

Now this morning i spent 30 freaking minutes in the toilet!!! I tried washing, took off my jacket. NONE worked! Now my back hurts from straining so much. I managed to produce quite a number of "marbles" but it still felt very full inside!!

1. i didnt wanna spend another 30min in the toilet lest my boss tot i curi tulang (literally means steal bone)

2. I dont wanna get piles

3. Dont wanna hurt my back some more

So i pushed pushed everything back inside but everytime i tried, they yelled to come out! But the door is very small, the whole group cannot go out together. ERGH!! I gave up. I really gave up. I dont care i WANT TO GO TO THE DOCTOR!

And i did. When i requested for the medical chit, my also pregnant office mgr advised me to avoid taking any medicine even panadol. Now im not really a panadol person anyways so i'm good. But for this constipation, i really want something FAST cos i cannot tahan (take it) anymore.

The doctor said that fasting, iron tablets and multi vitamins may cause constipation. But i was given neither pills for my pregnancy only folic acid (which i've stopped taking anyway). And even tho im fasting i drink 1ltr of water and a serving of fruit for sahur / sehri / morning meal and another ltr of water for break fast.

Oh yes milk, esp powdered milk can make the bowels hard also. But i only drink FRESH chocolate milk (Made in Thailand) like a small cup (200ml) every other day. haha.

The doctor asked if i'd prefer to take syrup or tablet medication. But i answered anal. I was expecting to be given a bullet up the back alley and things would get peachy like i had once when i was...7yrs old? But nothing doing.

She gave me the syrup to soften stools and told me to get FLEET ENEMA - children's dosage from the pharmacy as they dont have stock at the moment. What The! Meaning i hafta pay it for myself??? Erghhh ok lah anything to put me out of this misery! She DID say that it will take effect within 10 - 15min! Yeahoooo

The sad part is, she asked me, "Would you like to rest at home or are you ok?" Damn! I'd sure like to rest at home and shit to my heart's content! But nay... "I have no more MC lah..." So she said, "Oh ok nevermind.. u can insert the liquid at night lah no problem> just bear with it for awhile. Otherwise, it'd be unpaid leave, right?" Right.

The next feat was having to walk - w a full rectum and all - all the way to the other end of the street to the freaking pharmacy only to find out they dont have stock of children's size. ARGHHH ok ok MEGA adult size the better @ $4.30.

That should flush the bugger out.

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3 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

Ash used to hv the same problem... and the doc prescribed him Lactulose, to soften the stool.

Wats written on the box:
Pregnancy & Lactation
This medicine may, on the basis of current knowledge, be safely used as instructed during pregnancy and lactation.

Maybe you can try it :)


Jussaemon said...

Yeah Wana that's the exact same one that Raffles Medical gave me. Hmmm i still havent taken any of the med cos Z not here to administer them but it seems that the fear of having to take the medicine already worked on me! LOL

Anonymous said...

my brother had a constipation problem and doc mentioned abt him sitting too much maybe...working in the office, too much playing games at you might see into that. he's given the same thing too..lactulose. :D

anyway, no matter how much you drink in ramadhan, you cannot retain the water.