Terminating @ Yishun

From EW15 - NS9, i need to alight and exchange train at EW14/NS26.

But like many others, i cheat a bit by going to NS27 after alighting at NS26, as the train will reverse direction and go in north direction to my destination. Bcos NS27 is the end of the line = LOTS OF EMPTY SEATS!

Good for Tired Pregnant Me who needs and gets to nap for 45min before reaching home. I even have a strategy to grab a certain corner seat so that my sleeping head won't sway too much or has support ...

... but stil my head will flex down leaving me with a neck ache everytime. But its ok as long as i get that nap. hahaha

I also have another theory. See... Some trains that depart from NS27 Marina Bay will terminate at Yishun NS13. So you need to get out of the train, look at the panel see which station it leads to Yishun or Jurong East. But i dont wanna risk losing my favourite seat just to look at that panel. What i do is people watch.

If i see a handful of other pple peer out then come back in, it means they're heading further than Yishun. This is because theoretically speaking, Yishun bound pple can take Trains going towards Yishun AND Jurong East. If they can take both, they dont need to know where the train is heading correct? Yeah i have been successful many a time using this formula.

Then two days ago i witnessed something puzzling. There were a couple of pple who peered out and didnt come back in but the person seating next to me did. But still i couldnt muster the energy to go out and look myself, so instead i asked her, "It's going to Jurong, right?" Her answer? "No, Yishun." So i came out and waited for the next train.

Now yesterday i was sleeping peacefully only to be jolted awake by the announcement That this train is terminating at Yishun. What the! But i tot! Er... what happened? "What a waste of good seat!!!", i cried in my heart. Now i had to stand for another 10min to reach my destination and don;t know why i really had no energy and my leg felt wobbly that evening. But i made it lah.

Unsatisfied, i analysed what happened. At marina Bay yesterday, I remember there was an ah pek (chinese uncle) who stood all the way from Raffles to Marina, peered out then back in again. But there were also a couple who left the train. Because of the position i was sitting in the last car, i couldn't see the other cars if pple are leaving also... So my theory for the first time failed me yesterday.

Thinking back... i think the times that these Yishun bound pple came back into the train were when there was another train waiting in the next platform (Remember we are at the last station and both trains will head back in the same direction). That is to see if they can catch an earlier train, but since its going to Jurong anyways, they decided to stick to their favourite seat and not switch over.

So now the revised theory goes like this: Follow initial theory. If there are two trains at the station, ask your nearest neighbour.


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4 glasses of Juice:

nadia said...

Haha, I had to make similar theories and create strategies when I used to travel in Manila MRTs. I miss those trains. This post brought back not-so-distant memories.

And I love how you explained the convenient seats to take a nap in, as shown in your photo ;)

Our trains here in Dubai won't be ready for public use until mid 2009.

Anonymous said...

I tink I will just look out of the train fast and go back to sit. don't want to analyse too much. :D

Abid said...

You analyze this too much. I think even the people who planned the train routes didn't think about it this much :P

Jussaemon said...

To Nadia: Yayy!! I have a thinking partner!! Which years were u in Manila, they had MRTs already back then? :D Well i think bcos in Dubai, pple mostly drive na?

To Anon: Yeah im masquerading my laziness with some winded up analysis and theories. lol

To Abid: Yeah many pple have reprimanded me for thinking too much. I can't help it... Its ... Fun!