I finally Met Her!!

Got the car to go to Geylang bazaar!!!

A bit apprehensive on the outlook of the road conditions there. Im pretty sure it'd be crowded as its Friday Night and the bazaar is on full swing but at the same time, its early Ramadhan still.

Nevertheless, very grateful mummy allowed me to take the car. I decided to park at Singpost and walk the whole stretch of Geylang.

Glad that traffic wasn't as bad as it could get. BUT parking was bit hellish, esp when i missed the turn to go underground but went straight to the open space car park. I saw a slot and tot i was damn lucky. Just as i was reversing to a straight position i saw a handicap sign on the rearview mirror. Silly me when out again in the opp direction further inside to dead end just a few metres away. Z told me to reverse back into the slot then go out the right way.

By this time, i panicked bcos cars keep coming behind me... No other choice but to reverse straight to the back... i started slowly when i tot that the cars behind me were stationary. It was dark and scary! I cldnt depend on my rearview mirror alone cos there might be cars coming from the other side... so i had to physically turn my neck round to the back. By doing so, i got my alignment confused and distorted.. i steered a bit to the left, got scared then a bit to the right.. ARGHH i wanted to give up. Thankfully, by the time, i reached a good enough distance to turn right to the exit. Phew! I was very sure the other drivers were cursing me up and down but at least they didnt honk!

The agenda for going to the bazaar is to look for some traditional malay sweet dishes.. some kind of jelly (agar2 gudil) and to get Deng deng as well as to window shop for Z's First Day of Eid's outfit. Theme is Black.

We didn't even bother to check around the stalls at Singpost. It was soo dismal. Poor them. Just under the train tracks there was somebody selling illegal cigarettes!! How i know its illegal? they were all in plastic bags, ready to move in case a police comes by! If i wasn't in a hurry, i should have tipped off the police. I sooo hate these peddlers who are endangering the lives of pple by selling it dirt cheap cos they've avoided tax!

I called Fara to ask where's her shop. She only managed to tell me that hers is near the wet market and next to Tourism Malaysia. Er.. knowing how clueless i can be with directions, i doubt i can find her shop and told her straight if we're fated to meet, then we will..

In the meantime... there werent any good foodstuffs to buy at all! All the foods can be typically found on normal bazaars like Keropok Lekor, Burger Ramly n such. But i want kuih like kuih kochi ke... kuih lapis ke... onde2... Fuyohhh i want!! But to no avail.

When Z saw the Deng Deng stall, he said, "What is this? Is it like Bee Cheng Hiang BBQ pork?" hahaha i said yeah but this is halal meat of course and he eagerly said ok buy me some. I looked at him, are you sure? this is beef, you know. He made a face and said Ok no thank u. I bought $4 and had it all to myself.

We saw a Giant Songkok (Muslims cap) and a Giant Capal (male wooden sandals). Z even took photos of it but it looked normal in the picture bcos there wasnt any comparison. Haha next time babes.

We finally found a shop selling male Shalwar Kameezes. And i love these because they came with vests! And i like how Z chatted the salesperson up in Urdu. makes me feel like in Lahore. Ok.. more like makes me feel less guilty. Dont ask why.

I am sooo taken by how Pakistani the young man looked and talked in fluent Urdu w his father but i later heard him talking to a Malay friend in Malay just as fluent! I never tot that was possible before. To me its like you're either Urdu speaking or Malay speaking, period.

In any case, we lingered at the shop for quite some time, talking to the owner and such. Until at one moment, i saw somebody was waving at me! One glance, i thought it was Nisa! But couldn't be. I mean what are the odds! Then she approached me and i took closer look... Hmmm could it be my senior in school, Kak Fatimah? But why would she go all the way to approach me?

Then this lady opened her mouth, pointed to Z and said, "I recognised you first." OK CONFIRMED it's Nisa! (my senior wldnt recognise Z haha) then i confidently said to Z, "Darling, you know who this is not?!?!?! NISA!!!"

Haha we made that stall like our house chit chatting for some... 10min?? It was very nice lah. I told her fancy seeing her here when it's always soooooooooooo diff to arrange a time to go out and meet. Truthfully, i had a bit of a fear meeting an internet friend for the first time. I mean would we hit it off just as we did online? For her and me, it was no problem at all!

Next to meet is Sue. Sueeeee please tell us when we can come and visit you okkkkkkkkkkkkk... now you've GOT to reply me since i put special mention of u in my blog entry. hehehe

So we continued exploring Geylang till the other side of Malay Village. Guess what we found? CHICKEN Deng deng!! Z was DElirious. there were even TWO Flavours to choose from: Chilli or Honey. Cldn't decide so asked them to mix it. YUMMY i tell you. same price.

If i tot, meeting Nisa was a surprise, Meeting a 2nd friend on the same night is yet another bigger odd! When i walk, i dont normally look at pple's faces, maybe that's why i never meet any friends outside... tt's why this is such a big thing for me / us.

This 2nd person we met was Rabiah who treated us to a Hindi movie some time back. But she seemed to be in a hurry and we talked for only a while.

Then i received an sms from Fara giving me her stall no. KU ###. Er... I was at GS ## cant remember what... i didnt put at hope in meeting her at all. We traced back our route to the wet market and found KU 003. Er... looks like this is the other end of the bazaar. OK let's try to look for her...

Finally we saw one number less of hers and started walking to the stall on the other side anticipating to find her when we heard a guy calling, "Zubair! Zubair!" Sounds familiar.... Aslam! YAYYY we've found them!!! No wonder i cldnt find Fara, she was sitting on the floor sorting out some stuffs.

hehehe Luckily they have another staff to entertain the customers, cos we kept them in conversation for some 10 min also! It was then that i realise she wasnt selling Kuih Raya (Eid's sweets) like she told me she would but are selling Male Shalwar kameez + vest + Shawl!! Oh no i feel so guilty. If i knew i would have bought from her. But she very nicely said, "no no its ok... anywhere also can..." PLUS her collections are WAY NICER and the shawl! the shawl!

Oh what a fun night it was! I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy to have met 3 friends!! all in one night too! :D

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3 glasses of Juice:

Nisa AK said...

Yeah meeting u was a really a surprise! That place was so crowded and I happened to notice ur husband's face sticking out among the crowd lolz.
And to think that I actually bought my husband's salwar kameez from fara's stall!!! Small world. Fara if ur reading this, we have met each other since way back in 2007, cuz I bought something from ur stall last year too!

Jussaemon said...

hahah One of the virtues of being tall! I cant take it that you've known Fara earlier than me! heheheh

Fara said...

Oh Really Nisa, I can't remember, If u came to my bazaar tis year u must already seen me n my funny shape!!