Second Job

I think I need to start getting a second job.

Last week, at the end of Pay Day, I was left with $450 with another $340 of pending Giro payment still to be deducted. This is to last me the next 30 days. That means i have only $3 to spend per day (????). DIE. Because this month, I don't have any additional income coming in (Baby bonus, Insurance Cash Back, GST, Bonus), need to pull from my depleting reserves. AGAIN.

So the thought hit me, "Maybe I should start teaching again." The dough is not much but neither is it that much time consuming. If I get 2 classes on sat, I could prolly get additional $280. Tufeil is big enough to either play by himself or follow his Nenek and Atok out without being too much trouble.

As much as I love teaching IQRA' and I have a ready pool of students, the big question is still, "Do i want to have less time to rest/play with my baby?" The argument plays itself back and forth in my head countless times.

I can't seem to decide. Ok, I'll probably hold out till end of the year and review it next year in the hopes of getting a better paying job/huge increment.

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