Tufeil's Children's Day

Last Friday, I didn't know Tufeil was out the whole afternoon till i reached home. "No wonder my office phone was quiet!" I thought. LOL

He went to a Children's Day party with Syifaa' and her cousins. Kesian Tufeil, menumpang kasih Syifaa' nye nenek Jah psl nenek dia lagi satu nunnnn jauh di sana.

"Abang" Tufeil and Adik Sofea

I was told there were a LOT of games going on. But the highlight of the day must be the POOL!

Who are you waving to, Tufeil?

Sempit lah pulak
(A bit cramped)

Sohail spraying T with water. Oops

The house is on the ground floor and so they just partied at the corridor. So FUN and carefree kan?!


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1 glasses of Juice:

Ashley said...

Cute betul pampers si T ni. lol.