The Pump Has Retired

The pump that had served me for 18months has gone to retirement. It was quite accidental that day was.

I returned a bit late from lunch that fateful Tuesday 28th September 2010. So I thought, "Ok I can pump later at 3 or 4pm." But work caught up to me and I was engrossed doing something until I totally forgot about it.

The next day, I was busy too at work and afterwards I went out with my colleagues. It was close to 10pm when Tufeil finally drank from me. And I didn't feel anything with regards to soreness or what.

Even before these two days, I had been tweeting my thoughts, "Why the hell am i still pumping at work when Tufeil absolutely refuses to drink expressed Breastmilk?" Back then, I didn't wanna stop still cause I was afraid I might feel lost at work without anything "extra" to do. In honesty, it was a 20min reprieve from work.

But after those 2 days of lapses, I felt lazier and lazier and never touched my pump since! But I left the equipment here in the office. Just in case.

You know how I feel about it now? Liberated. I feel FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. hahaha

I had been planning to go to the gym during lunch time. But now the previous gym-going boss has left the company, I'm not sure what's the view of this new guy. PLUS, its gonna cost me $90 per month, so I'm still stalling.

But the next thing to look forward to is to totally wean him from Breastmilk so I can start taking slimming pills or whatever ya know.

By the way, I saw Desperate Hosuewives Season 2 Epi 15 or so a few nights ago and there was this lady who was BFing her 5 year old and claimed that she could still eat a lot of donuts and maintain a slim figure because of it. Well i say BS! It didn't work for me after 12 months! The moment Tufeil turned 1 year old, I started to steadily gain more and more weight till now I feel like a balloon. I feel worse when I look at pictures of my slim self from a year ago. T_T

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4 glasses of Juice:

The 6 of Us said...

Congrats on regaining ur freedom hehe ;-) But cherish the closeness during BF and co-sleeping, 'cos when they grow bigger and become more independent, cuddles and hugs are not easy to come by.

norza said...

yah manz. i will miss that too. *sobs* my bm is slowly depleting too now that sarah is turning 2.

Jussaemon said...

Kak Nor, how do you now the supply is depleting? I mean can u actually feel it? For me, i think mine's not much either but T just continue to, u know, suckle for comfort?

Jussaemon said...

Kak R, Hmmm yes I should heed what you said after all, You're more experienced than me!